Shemwinulad - The Minotaur/Shedu

Nature: A very complex & advanced Living spell from the Temple of the Seven Towers
Pillar: Iron / Siderite / Mars / Five / Tower of the Bone Gauntlet
Composition: ●Space, ●Death, ●Mind, ●Shielding, ●Unraveling, ●Adamantine Arrow
Remembered in Myth as: Minotaur (mwi-nu ro-ja), Shedu, Lamassu, Alad
First Appearance: 6.4 "The Hieromagus Cometh" (I think), where as a response to Skadi penetrated the temple-wards to scry on the Siderite pillar, it rode to San Fransisco on the Beraqlessas and shot (spiritual) arrows of adamant at her. Well, at her soul, at least.
Notable Encounters: 6.8 "Footprints on the sands of time", where the PC's met it while exploring the temple


A large-bodied centaur-like creature, with metal skin the greyish-black color of sooty iron, and the body of a bull from the waist down. Ordered and strict wings sprout from between his shoulder blades, his claws and teeth are akin to a lion's, while the head is like a more humanized bull, but with the tied beard of the Shedu. Wears the ceremonial helmet/headgear of the Alad, and is armed with a bone gauntlet, a bow of siderite, and a quiver full of arrows made of adamantine.


Existence is War: When the gauntlet of bone strikes you it destroys the things which make you strong, rots your muscles, slows your reflexes, ages your memories, taking your health to power the Shemwinulad itself. It can lower any and all Attributes, and can re-charge itself by Devouring your life

Adaptability is Strength: It can immediately understand and learn any martial arts technique witnessed within the last day, know what it does, how to copy and employ it itself, and how to counter it.

Enlightenment is Honor: Integrity is as unbreakable as adamant. Principles and service dominate its nature and rule the chambers of Siderite. Those who show dishonor, lack of wisdom or integrity, find their defenses weakened, their mage-shields pierced. The Shemwinulad can ignore/Unravel their Shieldings, and utterly ignores the armor & protections of dishonorable people, for the only protection that makes you inviolate is your righteousness. All who do not measure up suffer the full brunt of its power.


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