Nature: Fae
Encountered: 2.5 "More than a thousand words"
Title: The Standard-Bearer of Bolevile Mansion

Description: Shining in his magnificence, Sheenbright is like a bolt of lightning constrained into an approximately human shape. It is charming, witty, genuine and devoid of obfuscations and lies. It exists solely to spread the words and messages of its glorious mistress, with joy in its heart well knowing that her missives brings new life and vigor to his brethren on her staff. Whether he runs across the world or flies through the air on a steed of shining power, he never stops being an entity of unhidden force and splendor.

Info: As diplomat and a mouthpiece Sheenbright is notably a non-combatant, though it's suspected he acts as a 'morale booster' or similar for the forces of his mistress in his capacity as standard-bearer. After the fierce battle at the PC's sanctum he reappeared once the conflict as over, now as the Herald and official Envoy of Lady Bolevile.

As a result, has learned how to operate cellphones.

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