Nature: Mystical, hidden city of the Inner Earth
First Encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus"
Notable Appearances: 6.6 "And Eternity in an Hour"


Fantastical city looking more like a collection of Buddhist and Tibetan temples than anything else, where robed monks levitate while practicing meditation and ancient scripture is written on golden tablets. Though there's pools with lotus-blossoms and artificial lakes incorporated into the architecture it's plain that the entire location resides within the earth given that the sky far, far above is made of solid rock, yet illumination is provided by an actual 'sun' hanging motionless in the 'heavens', although a gray and metallic-looking one at that.

Info (per P1.5)

The person apparently in responsible for taking care of the place while the so-called "Ancient Masters" are temporarily inconvenienced by the 'death' period inherent in reincarnation introduced himself as Kuut Humi, and he insisted on not having the authority nor the wisdom needed to make big decisions until they returned. The illustration shows the seat where he sat in meditation upon first meeting the condiments, as well as the banners resting behind him. Observant characters, readers and players noted that one of these were decorated with THE symbol.

He also explained that their ancestors had first resided in Asgartha, but that a horrible cataclysm of lightning and fire had destroyed that place and killed most of the residents, whereupon the survivors had retreated here to Shamballah with whatever they could salvage, given that it was a much safer and remote place to dwell. The condiments theorized that these were the same people who had founded the civilization which built the Tomb of Sin.They also had a fragment of the Arc Spear among the many wondrous treasures their Ancestors had brought with them when they first arrived to build Asgartha, but it had been stolen during a tragic assault on one of the most holy temples they had in the surface world.


His story actually revealed that the people of Shamballah not only held the secrets to eternal life and youth, but also to immortality by returning as the same person after death. This is what made the assault such a horror for them, as the people slain were unable to return as their souls had been bound to the Book of Dead names without their knowledge, and so became trapped within it when the robbers killed all witnesses.

In order to return to the "normal world" one had to pass through a twisting network of subterranean (zing!) tunnels, and while it seemed obvious that these had many exists the only one witnessed thus far ended up in India.


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