Dorian's Shadow

Nature: Shadow Familiar (though the exact nature of such is still a bit unclear)
First Encountered: 4.6 "Body of Knowledge", after the trip to the Astral Realm of Dorian's Legacy

Description: It appears to be the literal, two-dimensional shadow of Dorian Gray, but able to move and act independently of its originator.

Info: Little is known of the Shadow, and Dorian has been mostly cryptic about it when asked. As opposed to Meninnam it isn't an actual spirit, while scrutiny has thus far done little but indicate that it's much more a part of its owner than a common familiar, somehow deriving its existence from him directly. It's possible that the Shadow is some sort of astral being, given that it was first noticed after a trip there, but it doesn't seem to act entirely like such beings have functioned so far. Though its true nature has not been identified yet one of the cabal members did recognize that what it resembled more than anything else was the mysterious figure which showed up in out of nowhere in Prague and helped the cabal during the battle with the Lich burglar before vanishing.


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