Scobury-Clovill Camera

Nature: Fairy-item
Effects: Instantly produces a photograph of the target, with their real name written underneath, which magically appears within the leather-bound photo album which belongs together with the camera itself. Analysis indicates that there are in fact two such albums, and that both manifest this effect. The less obvious result is that this also constitutes a magically binding deal which permits/requires the creator/owner of the item, Lady Bolevile, to exchange the target with a copy and take them back with her to Faerie to be a servant in her mansion/herself.
Activation: Aiming the camera at someone as if about to photograph them, and saying the command-words "Trick Click" while pushing the button at its side.
First encountered: 1.8 "You're playing with the big boys now"
Notable appearances: 2.5 "More than a thousand words"
Description: An apparently well-made and ornate antique box-camera, fashioned from dark wood with tasteful golden filigree along its edges. A small plaque with its name is found along the bottom of one side.

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