The Cabal has, through luck and derring-do, managed to acquire an expansive and well hidden Sanctum.


Here follows an overview over its many rooms and sections:


Entrance Chamber

/ | \

Living Quarters, ^ Recreational Area, ^ The Library Crafting Hangar, ^ Dining Area
Living quarters, V Recreational area, V Ritual Room Crafting hangar, V Garden

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Teleportation Chamber Chamber of spirits


Notation: This is a rough map of the various sections of the Sanctum. The part listed in black with grey background is the current page. The chambers that are underlined and in bold text are the sections this one has a direct connection to, whether through stairs or corridors.

Construction Analysis

Walls: Made of adamas (yet permeable to PC's spells, and twilight beings they summon)
Energy: Powered by ley lines, and partially by the hallow
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Note: The following are not comprehensive lists, they're just what I can remember right now; players found much more than just this

Control Core Mainframe


Order Listings

Orders whose membership is listed in the programming as being ''authorized'' for using the Sanctum's higher functions:

BW%20-%20Adamantine%20Arrow.gif BW%20-%20Guardians%20of%20the%20veil.gif BW%20-%20Mysterium.gif BW%20-%20Silver%20Ladder.gif BW%20-%20Seers%20of%20the%20Throne.gif Chair%2C%20simple.jpg


Authorization Parameters

(How it determines the degree of access for users)

When someone sits down in one of the Control-Chairs in the Hallow and tries to access the systems, it immediately scans their minds (both conscious and subconscious, both memories and personality-traits, self-image and how they think others view them), and checks their Sympathy, Interconnections and what "Fate-Exemptions" they'd register to, as well as using Spirit and Prime to analyze Resonance and 'Nature' and essential traits, plus Death to analyze the Soul, and checks with various arcana (mostly Time) to see whether this is genuine or if any of it is achieved through other means (like rewrite history, editing their minds, or ''strengthen sympathy'' spells or similar).

The parameters it searches for seem to be not just respect/standing/initiation within an Order (though that is one of the values), but also how much they are respected by their community of awakened peers, how much social standing, trust and responsibility they've been given (basically Concilium Status), although it seems that Order-membership is used to recognize who is and isn't members of a proper magical community. It also seems to modify the final score by certain measurements of the Soul, such as internally caused damage or warping seemingly being seen as unfavorable (meta-wise: Wisdom/Morality rating. Partially. Sort of. Maybe.)

These values are then used to form a sort of ''Clearance Diagram'', with each person's 'coordinates' determining the degree of and to what things and functions that person is given access. The following illustration is just a rough approximation of this diagram, with the actual diagram being much more detailed, and much less crudely drawn:


Listed "Mission-Statement"




"Propulsion" & "movement"-functions listed in main core:

  • Can shift Sanctum into Twilight, so material is as if sanctum had never been excavated
  • Can shift Sanctum into Spirit World
  • Can ''extend'' or ''bridge'' (translation difficult; comparisons to periscope and diving-bell seem fitting) parts of Sanctum (Hallow, Ritual Room, Chamber of Spirits) into both Twilight, Spirit World, The Woods Between the Worlds, and at least 6 more listings not recognizable my PC's
  • Can open portals in certain rooms of Sanctum (Hallow, Ritual Room, Chamber of Spirits), Gates that lead directly to Faerie, the Inferno, the Empyrean, the Lower Depths, and at least 4 other mystic dimensions not recognized by PC's and which system states it's incapable of accessing right now
  • Can ''project'' or ''translate'' the Hallow and its contents into Astral
  • Can control & enhance & accelerate tectonic drift in order to move the Sanctum (and environs) to different coordinates, given sufficient travel time



Defensive systems and options listed in main core:

  • Immediately closing all the doors and entrances, cutting off all physical contact with outside world, and can engage different degrees of filtration for air and water supply
  • Is built with shielding against most forms of harmful radiation, including several that seem supernatural in nature or which aren't recognizable to modern science & thought
  • Has inertial dampeners, keyed to internal sensors picking up velocity, situation, using Mind to see intention (if it's genuine attack or training session, f.ex), Fate to detect if it's accident or not, Death to scan for situation's lethality (f.ex. tripping on rug VS falling down stairs while carrying armful of knives). Activate when a malicious assault or accident is deemed too dangerous. For example it activated when Nobel jumped in through portal in mid-air while leaving a speeding car, preventing him from suffering any harm, but a not when someone is flinging their opponent to the ground during a training-session in the dojo.
  • Channeling the ley-energy (and/or other energy stores, like node-buffers, Hallow output, etc) into the Adamas-walls, increasing its magic-blocking effect to potentially 150-200 Potency per spell per roll
  • Channeling the ley-energy (and/or other energy stores, like node-buffers, Hallow output, etc) into the Adamas-walls and triggering latent enchantments woven into their crystalline matrices to turn them into barriers against one or more types of intrusion (beyond the physical one of being walls) or influences beyond just Supernal ones: Twilight, Hisil, Hedge, Mental-Projection, Astral or Souls trying to enter; and Spiritual, Psychic, Necromantic, Causal, Chimerical, Fae or Temporal effects from outside, and several others that are unidentifiable to the PC's (already a very small portion of the energy is being used to offset some time-dilation, but only enough to adjust for roughly one or two seconds per day or so)
  • Has an option labelled "Create Gauntlet", and at which 'strength' or 'durability' the Sanctum should maintain it, and whether it should apply to entire Sanctum or just parts of it, and how much of surrounding area (if at all). When it was discovered the PC's saw that this function was not currently activated
  • Has options that apparently do something similar, creating a mystic interdimensional barrier of varying potency, between selected bits of Sanctum and either Astral (see below), Twilight, Hedge, one of sixteen listed spatial dimensions, Minkowski-Reitz 'Splays', Temporal (whether movement and/or perception) or Supernal.
  • The aforementioned warding against intrusion from the Astral Realm by creating and/or enhancing an Astral Barrier, either for entire Sanctum or just for specific individuals or sections, and can select between which two 'realms' the warding will be placed: Material <-> Oneiros <-> Temenos (or even against only a specific Temenos-domain, or defined type of them)
  • Is built with receptor-crystals and siderite/lunargent/orichalcum "circuitry" in the walls so that it should be possible to cast Wards, Bans and other suitable Shieldings ''into'' them, so they maintain the effect and expand and shape it to cover the entire Sanctum (or designated parts thereof), and put the spell's effects under the detailed control of the core system. So it can be enhanced/boosted when needed, or have exemptions added or removed, or just turning it on and off freely.
  • The pentagram of lunargent inlaid in the floor of the Ritual Room can be activated to provide many of these protective effects for this room alone, or even more specifically against whatever is inside the pentagram itself, such as summoned or called beings.
  • In some areas of the Sanctum (Ritual Room, Teleportation Chamber, Chamber of Spirits) it can remove/repair/delete the 'traces' or 'channels' left behind after things like space-portals and summonings, so that others can't trace or use them afterwards to find or access the sanctum, preventing things like ''follow through'' from working.
  • Can be put into various types and degrees of ''lockdown-mode'', where the Sanctum seals itself away in different ways in order to attain maximum level of security, with each mode requiring a set number of people with a certain authorization-level or above in order to be deactivated. Among the most extreme of these was found, for example, a lockdown modus which severed the Sanctum from the Tapestry entirely, removing it completely from this cosmos.
  • Similarly to how hospitals have backup-generators in case of power outage, the Sanctum has emergency temporal spinners, so that if time itself were to stop, or fracture/shatter, or be ripped apart by temporal (lower-p) paradoxes, the Sanctum could still sustain its own reliable forwards movement through time, allowing inhabitants to exist and perform actions even if the rest of the world is frozen in stasis forever.



*Can illuminate or darken rooms, regulate internal temperature and gravity somewhat.
*The 'sun' in the garden is an actual star (whether synthetic or not is unclear), shrunk down using Space, Forces and Matter and installed within potent containment-fields before being suspended from the ceiling there.
*The deep chasm in the Chamber of Spirits apparently leads down to the Mithraeum, which is why the bottom is not included in any of the Sanctum's other features: It's supposed to be entirely sparse and non-modified or else the symbolic and religious purpose is ruined, as it's there to provide place where there isn't any fancy luxuries or magics or other distractions and energies beyond you, the empty cave, and your soul
*If one of the ''bonded owners'' happens to be a Master and enter the Hallow with a soulstone, it will uncover the ''slot'' where it can be places in order to re-activate the dormant Demesne-effect in the Sanctum.



*It records and stores a log of all activity within the Hallow, the comings and goings of all patterns, all spells, all actions, everything, recording who did it, when, where and how. It never stops.
*The time-stamps on these entries are hard to read properly, as they not only use a different calendar than we do, but it also seems to operate with directly different durations for days, lunar cycles and years.
*Less comprehensive logs are kept for entire Sanctum, with areas like sleeping quarters "only" registering spells and magical effects.
*During lockdown-mode the on-site records are given extra individual wardings in addition to whatever protectio the base itself receives, and it begins keeping two extra records (for total of three) in different parts of the Sanctum, which is in addition to the two copies which are sent to the off-site receivers. Apparently this is so they can serve as a sort of ''black box'' type function.
*Based on how they work these recordings should stretch as far back as the Sanctum has existed, but at some point in the past more and more of the 'files' seem to have been damaged and corrupted the further back you go, suffering more and more errors until they're made illegible. From roughly year 13'000 BC and before all the information is ruined, so it would seem the Sanctum is at least that old (if the dating-system was deciphered correctly, that is).

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