Samantha Valenzetti

"Devoted mother" and CEO of Valkyrie Inc; biological mother of Josh. She also has connections to several other important people, like the wealthy heiress Eleanor Rigby, and the prominent Kane family. In fact, she was the one who urged Josh to attend as the company's representative, and who provided the Hathor statue as a wedding present. Has a daughter, and now also a son.

A fairly eccentric woman, who seem to focus entirely on her financial empire, to the point where all her personal or public appearances and the likes are carefully arranged, directed and sometimes orchestrated by Christine Evans, her devoted personal secretary. Think a bit of Scrooge McDuck, but less money-bathing and extremely short fuse, and more of an eye for numbers/a knack for generating favourable trading conditions and extremely short attention span for social situations. It's not that she's utterly socially inept, it's just that she'll only snap into exceptionally sleek business person-mode if there are deals to be made. The rest is uninmportant. If it's a meeting with a potential business partner, she's perfect for the job. If it's a "meet and greet" to cement understanding and cooperation between the same partners later on (and this might actually increase income slightly, but there's no new deals to be made), she'll be totally uninterested in it. If Christine says it's an important event, and that she must attent to whatever it is, she'll physically be there, but it's very obvious her mind's already wandered off to the next important plan before she's even got to "Hello".

The rest of the world sees her as a cunning businesswoman who rarely appears in public. It's known that in making her empire, she's buried 3 husbands while gathering influence for herself. Very peripheral, but it's been rumored that this might be quite literally, especially since none of these men died that old. Of course, that's just rumors…

Not known why or how she left her fiancee and infant son to become a highly successful financial magnate.

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