Sacrificial Tools

Nature: A collection of Enchanted Items, Imbued Items and Spirit-Fetishes
First Discovered: 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", as part of Drake's Hoard

Description: While technically a bunch of separate items these are still easily lumped in with each other simply because they all deal with the same act: Their intended use is to Sacrifice a living being, usually for religious purposes and/or Mana. Some of them are weapons, some are vestments, some are jewelry, one is a gigantic bowl to contain the blood and organs after the deed is done, but none of them are what you would consider pleasant in nature.

Items and Effects
Ring of Resolve: A small, thin iron circle that can be worn as various types of piercing, whether as standard earring, in the eyebrow, the nose, and so on. Once per day, by spilling own blood on the ground or an altar (giving self 1L) and dedicating it to the gods, get 3 Mana. Does not count against daily limit on pattern scouring.

Chac Mool: A big stone statue depicting a reclining man with a bowl on his stomach. If using it when performing Sacrifice, gets twice as much Mana if the offering(s) are put into the Chac Mool, whether during the rite or at the culmination. Only multiplies 'base' amount, not boost. If a human victim dies, also get +1WP.

Obsidian Scalpel: Inflict damage on helpless or willing target by spilling their blood, get 1Mana/Lethal damage, max 1/week/victim. If they die, also get normal mana for the Sacrifice, +5M extra & +1WP. Can exceed your max Mana pool, but doesn't stack w. self.

Censer of Xibalba: Cut off & burn parts of still-living target in its fire, get 5M/part, each inflicts 1Agg. Parts are: each hand & foot & arm & leg & eye, the tongue, the genitalia. If self: 6M per. After: May kill victim as Sacrifice, which can benefit from other items on this list.

Heartstone Choker: Collar-like item of deep, dark-red snake skin (or other scaled reptile) with central hematite-resembling soulstone. If wearer eats the heart of a still-living victim, gets +1 to +3 temporary Gnosis increase, filled Mana pool, +1/vitctim's Sta on intimidate, and immune to fear & doubt, whether magical or mundane. If mortal target: +1. If Power Trait ≤ own: +2. If PT > own: +3.

Stole of the Gods: Colorful garment covering the shoulders and upper chest & back, with semiprecious stones sewn on. If wearer is sufficiently worshiped, can draw power from it. Spend 1WP to roll Presence+Gnosis, get 1 Mana/sux, 1/day/Magnitude of ''congregation''. If blood spilled as part of activation (1L dmg), then all effects listed on this page consider this to be mana earned through ''sacrifice''.

Five Suns Sacrifice: Four intricately carved rings each of a different material, to be worn on the fingers of the same hand, as they're all linked with a fine golden chain to an orichalcum disc in the shape of a stylized solar motif which fits into the palm, fastened with a little spike. When performing a sacrifice the wearer can activate one of the rings or the disc in order to change the type of energy harvested by the sacrificial deed, giving an amount equal to the number of mana the deed wold normally generate. Ivory ring: Plasm. Petrified wood ring: Essence. Iron ring: Willpower, can exceed max, up to 2*normal pool. Silver ring: 7-agains. Orichalcum Disc: Bonus dice on spellcasting, but only if the sacrifice happens at the same time as the casting. For a ritual-cast spell, max sacrifices = Gnosis.

Obsidian Dagger: An obsidian sacrificial dagger whose hilt is a carved human thighbone. If used to Sacrifice the life of a close family member the emotional energy given up empowers the user, effectively increasing his Gnosis and Arcana for a full year. They count as a number of dots higher for the purposes of max Mana capacity, Mana per turn and Spell Factors and modifications which require a higher Arcanum rating (self-only spells used on others, f.ex). The user's newly increased Mana pool is also immediately filled. Boost depends on target: Mortal parent/sibling/offspring: +1. Lesser/Medium template: +2. Greater template offspring: +3. Greater template (or equivalent) parent: +4. Must pay 1WP to activate the dagger, and roll Resolve to bring oneself to perform the cruel deed.


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