Byron "Red" Odell

Nature: Sleeper; Chimera's Retainer
First Encountered: 1.1 "The Murder Tree"
Notable Appearances: 1.7 "There's No Place Like Home", when Pc's began investigating the strange stuff at the scrapheap. Also, when Nobel was arrested there, when Chimera and the familiar almost switched places, and during the attempted trap for Homeland Security.

Description: The man is short and stocky, his face seems perpetually sunburned despite him seldom leaving the house, and and his once rust-coloured hair is graying. He wears overall and well-worn boots.

He's usually found cleaning guns, watching TV and drinking most evenings. He seldom leaves the house, peering out from shuttered windows and lurking behind half-closed doors.

Info: Red runs the family scrapyard. His eldest son, Dennis, does most of the actual work, though his other two boys also chip in.

It was later also been discovered that Red sometimes doubled as a crazy axe murderer, but only when under the influence of the slippery tendrils of the shadow entity that had made a nest in the middle of the scrapyard.

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