Reality Stalkers

"A straight line is far from the shortest distance between two points — here, let me show you."

Parent Path: Mastigos
Parent Order: Mysterium
Nicknames: Sneaks
Arcana: Space (primary), Mind (secondary)

Concept: Those fascinated by strange spatial phenomena, who explore pocket worlds, research lost locations, walk the labyrinths of warped rooms & walls, and in general specialize in all the unusual space-stuff which exists.


1.Gazing Through the Cracks: Perma-space sight. Can Scry any place seen once, Wits+Stealth+Space–Symp
Mind 2: Hide through cracks in folks' perceptions & thoughts, ''incognito presence'', Man+Subt+Mind
2.Cracking Open the Flaws: Open portal, step through or move item, size≤5. Dex+Invest+Space–Symp
Mind 3: Make target not notice changes in area's items. Int+Stealth+M vs Wits+G. Mind 4: Advancd Prolng
3.Tame the Flaws: Can make ''pocket realm'', Size 20 (take items in/out, or enter it self, with 2nd powr)
Mind 4: Target can't perceive you, or an item you've touched of size ≤6, Wits+Stealth+Mind vs Wits+G


Themes & Symbolism

Labyrinths and mazes, whether multicursal or with just one single path, both minoan and celtic, from modern day to bronze age and back again. Walking the twisting roads as meditation, dervish-like, in order to reach trance state wherein Space is understood more fully. Their mastery at 'follow through' is symbolically same as encountering the ''ariadne thread'' of someone else who's already walked the labyrinth and following the ''strand'' to where they went. Also use Labrys imagery, both for the bifurcation fallacy and to indicate the gordian way Legacy members eventually realize they don't need to obey the rigid limits of spatial relations.


Known Members


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