Nature: Tulpa-spirit hybrid; "spirit" of Phantasms
First Encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus", where it guarded the Himalayan entrance to Asgartha from intruders

Description: It first appeared more or less like a human, dressed in pious clothing of a mostly hindu nature, with the notably odd feature that its hands seemed to be configured backwards. The palm and back of the hand were reversed, making the fingers bend the 'wrong way' for a human.

Once battle broke out, however, its visage changed into something more demonic: Its face became black as pitch and reshaped into something more feline, with fangs and yellow slitted eyes indicating its predatory nature, not too unlike eastern depictions of a demon. Fur coloured in tiger-like stripes now covered its upper body which was much more muscled and strong than first believed, and vicious claws sprouted from suddenly paw-like hands.

Info: Was summoned to the location of the condiments when that group activated the wrong "access code" on a mandala found in an old cave, being apparently bound there as a guardian and protector in case of unauthorized visitors.

Indulged in lies and deceit to begin with, pretending that the visitors had actually succeeded in the entrance-test and welcoming them as honored guests. Only after lulling them into a false sense of security and extracting information from them did it show its true intentions and assaulted them.

Being itself a prime-phantasm the Rakshasa's power over such illusions allowed it not only to call up new furniture, tools, weapons and creatures at will but also to change itself whenever it needed to, whether for disguise or simply to improve its capabilities.

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