Real Name: Michael Pliskin
Path: Acanthus
Order: Seers of the Throne
Ministry: Panopticon
Dynasty: Arbelodivita
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"
Notable Appearances: ???
6.10 "Wherever you will go"
Soundtrack: It's my Life - Bon Jovi
Position: Tetrarch

Info: This is Nobel's father, who left upon Awakening one year after his wife died.

In the Seers of the Throne he has a lot of power, being one of the four 'bosses' who jointly rule all of California. Nobel believes him to be a Master of the Time arcanum. He seems to be a man of good intentions, and he hates the Concilium, though more specifically the unethical behavior of the Silver Ladder. When encountered, he apologized profusely for the unprofessional and crude behavior of the Seers the Cabal had encountered thus far.


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