Nature: Imbued Item ••••• •••••
Mana Capacity: Unknown
Effects: Soul Jar, Restore Lost Soul, Sould Binding, Repair Soul, Sever the Wakeful Soul, countermagic (due to the Alloy it's made of)
Activation: Unknown
First mentioned: 2.2 "'Cause I'm leaving on a Jetplane"
First enountered: 2.4 "Oh, what a tangled web we weave"
Description: A most powerful imbued item, forged of Thaumium, and loaned out to the Concilium by the Archaeomancers during the war with the Tremere Liches to help counter their soul-damaging powers. Formed like an ankh, it could store, repair and restore souls, as well as take them, yet it was lost during battle. Rather recently (2.2), the instruction manual was stolen from the sanctum of the original owners, something which has caused no small amount of worry.

Even more recently (2.4), both the Psychopomp and its instruction manual has been found and returned to their owners, although how they were "lost"/stolen in the first place remains uncertain.

Addendum: The theft of the manual, at least, would seem to have been an inside job, with Polarian pressuring an unknown member of the Archaeomancers to set it up in order to frame the PC's and smoke out the true location of the Psychopomp itself.

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