Project Vajra

Nature: A top-secret undertaking by mages deeply involved with the Nazi movement
First Encountered: The Black Book
Notable Appearances: "Fall of the House of Schäfer", P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus", 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"

Info: Beyond the name, very little is known about them, though they may or may not be related to the Ahnenerbe, Thule Society, Drachensohnen and similar groups. Were involved in the search for Mjøllner, seizing the Arc Spear, uncovering the Tomb of Sin, the Übermensch project, and a number of other such events. The motives and goals are as of yet not entierly known, though it seems they were focused on potent occult items and phenomena usable as weapons.

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