Project Flashback

Nature: A cooperative effort organized and sponsored by the Silver Ladder several months after the Lich War ended.

Info: Due to the Atman Aeternus' highly effective practices of secrecy and obfuscation, as well as their alliance with the Cult of the Doomsday Clock and subsequent access to time-deleting magics, there are extreme amounts of information now utterly unavailable, both in regards to the organization, its secret bases and sanctums, its unknown resources, and on many events of the war itself.

"Project Flashback" was the attempt by highly competent Concilium members to find ways to work around these problems, to pool their capabilities in order to develop new solutions. Among the mentioned avenues of research were the matter-analyzing & deductive principles of The Eleventh Question legacy, the ability of the Wraiths of Epochs to reconstruct an image of the past even after it's been 'deleted', and the ability of Sphinxes to instantly see connections between everything and to solve puzzles.

The idea was that by thoroughly analyzing the items, events and beings surrounding the blank areas in time the mages could somehow find a method of extrapolating what actually happened without relying on direct Time-magic to see it.

While the Enigma cabal were willing to host the meetings in their own sanctum, and though the project was organized and coordinated by Baphomet, most of the actual intellectual work was done by Heisenberg, Babel, Zero Zero, Han, Mycroft, Lathrop and Alfred Nobel.

In the process of pushing the limits how much information can be gained through the brute-force application of magic Heisenberg somehow became ''infected'' with the abyssal physical laws known as the Nemesis Continuum, which spread to Nobel before anyone managed to identify and quarantine it. While direct disaster was averted, the near-catastrophe and severe abyssal incursion caused by this research forced the Concilium to order an immediate end to Project Flashback and all similar activities on that scale.

To this date Heisenberg has not entirely recovered from when the Nemesis Continuum almost consumed his mind, Lathrop has sworn off any more reckless meddling with Time-effects after his unfortunate accident with the Kalakin Engine, Zero Zero has severe problems communicating with others due to his mental disability, Han was assassinated days after learning her second Attainment, while Mycroft's life was saved in the nick of time by the accidental intervention of the Eye of the Storm.


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