Prison Of Lemuria

Nature: Supernatural location, pocket 'world'
Encountered: P1.2 "The Condiments and the Prison of Lemuria"

A huge pocket-dimension supposedly crafted by ancient Lemurians, taking the shape of a large stretch of tropic ocean with a group of small islands clustered in the center. While it's practically impossible to get out without tampering with the locking mechanism it has happened on rare occasions that shipwrecked people wash ashore here. Their descendants have formed rather pleasant villages and their own culture, all things considered.

The central island was considered profane and blasphemous, however, and none should ever go there. Yet it was also the one place where solid and advanced architecture of stone and similar was anywhere to be seen in this place. Inside several other shipwrecked people seemed to be living, but with memory of the world outside and still following "civilized" customs, claiming to be students of the vast knowledge found in that place.




The Truth

It was revealed however, upon closer inspection, that this entire world was made as a prison for a malignant entity only known as "Pepe Kramo", a being composed of radiant enlightenment which consumed you from the inside out. Those dwelling in the central structure were its cultists, harboring fragments of the larger being within itself.

The central island was triangular, tall and rocky, with steep cliffs falling down into the ocean on all sides. At each of its three corners there was a small hut or shrine, of the same style as the central Temple-like structure.



Within each there was a test to be passed, in order to gain access to the locking-mechanism atop the tallest tower in the center of the prison-dimension.


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Labyrinth Guide



Won upon passing test


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