Prague Auction Inventory

Nature: Collection of Items sold in the Estate Sale of Preyzl Sarka
Relevant Story: 3.5 "Your Permanent Record"

Item Buyer
1 Garamantean Amphora Eye of the Storm
2 Salt statue of a woman Hermes
3 Nazi loot Loyalists of Thule
4 Mongol loot Priestesses of Odin
5 Glass sword Skaði
6 Crystal ball collection Nobel
7 Amulet of the Apprentice Skaði
8 Antique chinese silk robes (dorian?)
9 Fake cryptex Loyalists of Thule
10 Tribal masks Dorian
11 A lesser Shatterstar Hal
12 Venetian occult paraphernalia Loyalists of Thule
13 Dead sea scroll fragments ???
14 Greek temple column pieces ???
15 Mineral & alloy collection Hal
16 Set of checkers (dorian?)
17 Paintings & works of art div
18 Locked shelf of grimoires Goat

1.Garamantean Amphora

2.Lady of Salt

*Salt statue of a woman

3.Nazi Gold

*Gold & treasures from Nazi conquest

4.Mongol Gold

*Gold & treasures from Mongol conquest
*Chimes, bells, gongs, idols

5.Glass sword

*The glass sword of bhosborous

6.Crystal ball collection

*Over 200
*Cleverly disguised with spell to mimic intimidating magic protections
*Was claimed to have included the "Cup of Jamshid"
*Nobel & Skadi later used crystal ball of John Dee to summon Amitiel

7.Amulet of the Apprentice

(A Solomonic amulet with an Ifrit bound inside)
*Contained Jibril-al-Ifriti
*Eventually sold to Maegara
*Was later instrumental in discovering the lost Iram of the Pillars

8.Antique chinese silk robes

Several silken robes from various Chinese dynasties and royals

9.Fake Cryptex

*A fake Da Vinci cryptex containing plague

10.Tribal Masks

*Tribal masks from the inception of the Scions of God

11.A lesser Shatterstar


A collection of antique ritual equipment from venetian occultists


Fragments of the original dead sea scrolls


Some column pieces from a Greek temple


A collection of rare minerals and alloys


A couple of sets of checkers engraved with atlantean runes, used for predictive purposes


Various paintings and works of art


A locked shelf with three grimoires: Via Sublimus, The Book of Life, and The Secret Hierarchy of the Diamond Wheel


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