Path: Moros
Order: Apostate
Cabal: The Kindly Ones
Mentor: Dorian Gray
Real Name: Mirella Strigoaică
First encountered: 4.1 "Veni, Vidi, Venice"
Proficiency: Adept of Matter, Disciple of Prime, Apprentice of Life
Info: Hard-working and thoughtful young woman hailing from Venice. Though of the Strigoaică Dynasty she was but a sleepwalker herself until her rather traumatic Awakening. While incapacitated by her visions and satori she was kidnapped by local urchin-cultists and brought to Maschalismos in his Church within the sewers, where he tried to abort her Awakening so as to spare her from the gruesome fate awaiting all members of her family. Was rescued by the Eye of the Storm and brought to San Fransisco, where she was given magical training and education and allowed to go off and form her own cabal once the time came. As a mage she has become silent and observing, keeping her own councel and usually paying close attention to other people's opinions and statements to spot if there's any assumptions or unfounded biases at the root of them.

Strangely enough she has absolutely no skill or ability within the Death arcanum, despite being deifinitely of the Path of Doom, a fact she seems to find extremely shameful and frustrating, and so tries to conceal or gloss over in the presence of others. On the other hand, her competence within the Matter arcanum was impressive even mere hours after signing the Watchtower, while her capacity within Prime and Life have also been respectably potent. During her vision-journey to the Supernal she claims to have been given a message intended for Dorian, which she relayed for him in the High Speech despite not actually knowing that language yet.

Is the cousin of Graziana, who relocated with her to America to make sure she would be safe and well-treated.

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