Penguins Of Symzonia

Nature: Cryptid
First Encountered: P1.3 "Secrets of the Second Sphinx"

Description: Though they appear identical to mundane penguins, though perhaps bearing more resemblance to the Greak Auk penguin species than the types shown in popular media, the ones found in the hidden realm of Symzonia had the remarkable distinction of being capable of flight. Soaring in large flocks they would rise up and approach any vessel on its way to shore, intercepting them long before that happened.

Info: A flock of flying penguins is a phenomenon that at first seems comical to most, but it soon grows horrifying when they reveal some of their true nature. These creatures are merciless sentinels who will stop at nothing to drown or kill any travelers approaching, and they have the sinister talent of flying in formations shaped like Atlantean runes. By doing so they enact powerful magics, such as summoning up gigantic razor-fanged and tentacled monsters from the depths of the ocean, which indicates that they were most likely created by a mage in ages past. The penguins will even latch onto a vehicle and try to make it crash or sink or be torn asunder, doing all they can to have the crew drown or be eaten or somehow prevented from reaching land.

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