Orpheus' Last Riddle

Nature: Grimoire
Author: Orpheus, plus additions, commentary and annotations by numerous mages throughout history
Acquired: 5,4 "Grapes of Sorrow"


Rote Name Spell Dice pool Arcana Traits
Reading the Outmost Eddies Wits+Invest Fate • -
Swearing an Oath Pres+Pers Fate •• L
Alter Oath Man+Pol
Fate ••• L
Geas Pres+Exp
VS Res+G
Fate ••••• V
Holy Union True Love Man+Exp Fate ••••• E,1M,
Speak With the Dead Wits+Occ Death • -
Soul Marks Int+Med Death • -
Ghost Summons Pres+Pers
vs Resistnc
Death •• -
Touch of the Grave Dex+Surv Death •• V
Orpheus' Lament Depressing Dirge Man+Exp
vs Com+G
Death ••• C
Ghost Gate Res+Occ Death ••• V,E
Twilight Shift Sta+Occ Death •••• V,1M
Quell the Spark Pres+Occ Death ••••• -
Hades' Brief Reprieve Summon the Dead Man+Pers
vs Resistnc
Death ••••• V
Eternal Object Res+Occ Time ••••
+Matter •

E = Extended * L = Lasting * T = Transitory * C = Concentration * V = Vulgar * #m = mana cost of # * BF# = Up to # nr of Bonus Factors


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