Ormen Lange

Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Concilium: Trøndelag, Norge
Position: Magister
First met: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"

Description: A woman of medium height on the verge of entering her fifties, with her blond hair tied in a tight braid and a pair of small half-moon spectacles subtly engraved with hidden runes. No matter how formal the occasion she'll show up in shoes suited for trekking through wilderness, and though her body is slightly on the heavy side much of it comes from eating three solid meals each day and refusing to buy a car as opposed to walking everywhere. Her voice is the mild and accommodating yet slightly tired sort one gets from spending too much time trying to make hostile factions get along as neighbors. Usually seen with a quiver full of papers on her back, enchanted so that not only can it hold a ridiculous amount of documents but also makes sure the thing you're looking for is the first thing you grasp when reaching inside.

Dossier: Marine engineer and Space Master. Is perhaps sole person most responsible for the current situation where her Concilium's reach extends far beyond that of the city itself, into most of the local region. Has an extra herald serving her directly, as well as a habit of doing the heralds' work for them out of habit. Has personally set as goal to uphold the Right of Crossing by making every major street in the county safe for mages to use, a project soon nearing actual completion.


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