Olavsbrødrene - The Brethren of St. Olav

Nature: Guardian organization
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men…"
Notable Mentions: 5.1 "…Couldn't put Þrúðvangr together again"
Related Locations: Trondheim (home & heart of the movement), Þrúðvangr (place the group guarded from discovery & abuse)

Info: Ancient nordic Guardian-conspiracy stretching back thousands of years, taking its modern name & shape sometime after A.D. 1035 or so. While originally small and focused on preserving the secrecy and sanctity of the Mjöllner Array and its Runestone-network, this gave them an unusual level of stability and cohesion, with the result that in time the scope of the Brethren's power grew and expanded until they had influence over most of northern scandinavia, and beyond.

In 1936-37, however, in their desperate battle to prevent Seers of the Throne "visiting" from Nazi germany (the "Project Vajra") from getting hold of the hidden superweapon they in the end destroyed the final information needed to locate and open the sole gateway leading to it. It became a Pyrrhic victory, however, since this robbed them of their core reason for existing as a group, and therefore they slowly began to dwindle away over the next 70 years, as recruitment slowly dried up and old members died or retired.

It's believed that the last active members were all killed off during the Frostating Convocation by the Priestesses of Odin Pylon, though rumours have it that some of the old ex-members have since come out of retirement, due to the rediscovery of Þrúðvangr, and because of how dangerously accessible it has become to both Pentacle and Pyramid alike.


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