Sol in glory
Luna meek
Mars in anger
let Hermes seek
copper-Venus leads you in
as thunder-metal known is Tin
Last of all arrives the Lead
Kronos king is chained to bed
Seven lords of heaven stand,
Seven planets, metal brand.
Seven are they, but one more
binds them to their very core,
not star herself but void between,
the night by which the light is seen,
through all the ages has she been
the sky is in itself a queen.
Of the deeds of that day
much is told in the Book of Holies.
Yet no song or tale could contain
all the grief & terror that then befell.

The light failed;
but the Darkness that followed
was more than loss of light.

In that hour was made a Darkness
that seemed not lack but a thing
with being of its own: For it was
indeed made by malice out of Light,
and it had power to pierce the eye,
and to enter heart and mind,
and strangle the very will.
Nature: Celestine - Spirit Goddess of planetary scope & power
PURVIEWS:Darkness, ●Shadows, ●Fear, ●The Unknown, ●Interplanetary Space
Also Known As: "Fluffy", Apep, Ītzpāpālōtl ("Obsidian Butterfly"), Ungoliant, Ulbandi, Uš
Soundtrack: Shadowbeast - Escape Key

•Evil twin-sister of Helios and unknown "dark sheep" of the Celestial Incarna
•Queen of a 'pantheon' of spirits equivalent to the other Celestines (Moon, Sun, Mars, etc)
•Believed to be patron or leader of of the Dread Fellowship of Apep
•Has a connection of unknown nature to the Gods of the Outer Void; •Same with the Halaku

First discovered: Hermes managed to deduce that there had to be some larger mind or force behind many of the events the PC's were involved in, and he even succeeded fairly well in sorting out which activities "belonged" to this unknown mastermind and which didn't. For various reasons he decided to call it "Fluffy".


As a cosmic entity with a hate-on towards the human species, Nyx is presumably the "villain" behind much that has happened over the years, though given the limitations such divinities seem to have when it comes to imposing their will directly through force and on a large scale it's probably safe to say that she hasn't done nearly as much as she wants to.

(players are encouraged to flesh out further with what they've figured out so far)


Page 113: The red flame flickers on the wall of the cave, smeared with ochres, berry dye, charcoal, making the great elk move, making the mastodon breathe, making the hunters race and kill. Watch them seeking to placate and understand the world above.

This they know, this they understand; there is darkness everywhere outside. The dark is everywhere, and although the sun comes up and though the fires blossom and are tamed, the darkness is waiting. The darkness is there, and the things in the darkness that whisper before they feast, they are to be placated and persuaded, they are to be loved and sacrificed to, they are to be prayed to and distrusted. And so there is magic.

And so it was that, uncounted ages later, images and walls were found hidden away in the dark, the deep, and the earth. And read again they were by Erebus to be, so it was.

Page 112:
Behold the shadow
the queen of darkness
night in human form
heartless joystealer
poison corrupter
cruel nameless
unforgiving insidious


Page 89:
I was the dark in the cave! I was the shadow in the trees!
You've heard about the primal scream? That was at ME!
If you had only seen me in the old days, when they
came into the deep caves to draw their hunting pictures.
Oh, others came later. They never knew that first fine terror.
All they knew was dark corners. I had been the dark!
I was the first.


Page 76:

In the elder days, before Babylon had its first stone carved, the People of the Red Mountain had their own yearly gatherings on the far side of the circling ocean. There in boats of stone they gathered, all the tribes who once had descended from Tsoodził. Grandmother Flint was their wisdom, Grandfather Thunder their strength and Lady DarkestNight their constant foe.

Once a year they met and spoke of many things, and danced to drums and painted flutes. Thus did they remain one people, in word and deed, though far and wide their tribes had spread. Dangers had the world uncounted, yet strong were People of Mountain Red, together standing in times of trouble, sharing news and warnings both.

But Sunless-Night they feared the most, for none could see her as she came, none could stop her as she struck, none could slay her as she fled. Her children were a plague, her laughter was a curse. Hatred she brought, fear she left in her wake. And still she waits to strike again…


Page 19: Tzitzimitl Page 161:
P1040842.jpg In the beginning there was darkness, and naught besides. From her tears did the ocean form, and so she has none left to shed. From her laughter did the air and wind spring forth, and so she never laughs, though she often smiles. From all her flesh did she cause the land to be, and so she walks among us bodiless, and by most, unseen. From all of this she grew forth beasts and trees, plants and fish, and men to walk the night eternal.

And none of them toiled, for food there was, and plenty, for the world was mutable and not fixed in shape. If one wanted fruit to be on the trees, one would grasp it when one reached for it. The dark hides truth, and one can never be certain of what is and is not in a place cloaked by night absolute. So was it that the world was what every man and woman needed it to be. Much beloved was the dark, and the people gave her many names, for she had none herself, it being against her nature to be so defined.

Then did she hear a call, coming from outside the world, entreating to speak with her. It was light, and he sought entry to her realm, beseeching her to open the gate so he could come in. Charmed by his words and his glorious form, she was sorely tempted. But first she made him swear that he would not harm the world, and this he did. But once inside, his light shone more fierce than ever before, and soon the world was burned and barren. Every stone and puddle was seen now, and the form and definition had been imposed on the earth.

Now man must till the soil and tend the field, slaving for his existence, and now did the light rule their lives, for his sunlight could give them food or burn it. Blinded by his brightness they could no longer see in the darkness, and the night was lost to them. Then did she tear out her heart, and fling it away, for she was done with such feelings which had caused such harm to the world.


Page 174:


Spirits of Nyx

Creatures of Darkness


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