Her kan man legge inn linker til alle NPC's dere har møtt. Dersom dere kommer over folk som dere mener burde huskes er det bare å lage en ny side på wikin og linke til den her. Dersom man lager en egen info-side for en karakter og fører på riktig type tag-sak vil den også dukke opp på den separate listen for den typen vesen automatisk.

Sorted by Type


Sorted by Plot

Year 1

1.1 Murder Tree

1.2 Damn, they took my kidney

1.3 Winter of my Discontent

1.4 In Sickness and in Health

1.5 No way out

1.6 Ancestral Voices Prophesying War

1.7 There's no place like home

1.7b) Home on the strange

1.8 You're playing with the big boys now

1.8b) The mind is its own place


Year 2

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2.1 Son, your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars

2.2 'Cause I'm Leaving on a Jetplane

2.3 A Plague on Both Your Houses!

2.4 Oh what a tangled web we weave!

2.5 More Than a Thousand Words


Year 3

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3.1 Stolen Hearts

3.2 But Now the Dead Begin to Rise…

3.3 …and Debts Forgotten Time Collects

3.4 Ghastly Grim and Ancient Ravens

3.5 Your Permanent Record

3.6 As easy as ABC

3.7 It was in the bleak December

3.8 War of the Words

Interlude: Fall of the house of Schäfer


Year 4

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4.1 Veni, Vidi, Venice

4.2 A sound of thunder

4.4 Caverns measureless to man

4.5 Now reap the whirlwind

4.6 Body of Knowledge

4.7 All the King's Mages and all the King's Men


Year 5

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5.1 …Couldn't put Þrúðvangr together again

5.2 There but for the grace of us

5.3 Tick-tock goes the Calendar

5.4 Grapes of Sorrow

5.5 A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers

5.6: The Clocktower…of DOOM! (Part II)


Year 6

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6.3 Lo! Death has reared herself a throne

  • (The three thaumaturge-women. Can't remember their names)
  • Afhal Uzum

6.4 The Hieromagus Cometh

6.5: The Night's Plutonian Shores

6.6: And Eternity in an Hour

Interlude: Tangled Fates - As Seen on TV

6.8: Footprints on the Sands of Time (In Xanadu did Kublah Khan…)

6.9: Amor Fati (The Quest For El Dorado)

6.10: Wherever You Will Go (The Kalakin Engine Activates)

  • Kherem - The Acanthus Oracle



Prequel 1: The Spice of Life

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Player Characters

Condiments 1.1 Treasure of the Lost Stradivarius

Condiments1.2 The Prison of Lemuria

Condiments 1.3 Secret of the Second Sphinx

Condiments 1.5 The Tablets of the Hieromagus


Prequel 2: Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius

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Player Characters

First: Cum Vix Iustus sit Securus; The Fall of Constantinople

Second: Ardente Veritate; The Siege of Montsegur

Third: Ultima Eleison; The Quest for Avalon


Not yet relocated to their proper place in chronology

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