Nobel's Journal

I have decided to write a small journal about what i have experienced since meeting the group who are now my Cabal mates. Wonder if I remember enough for this, should start with chapters then.

Chapter 1: The Haunted Tree

It all started here. Can't even remember all the details now. I think I was on a walk or something in Moth park. Spotted this girl that turned out to be dead, a ghost. Didn't believe in things like that then. Everything could be explained with science. Of course, they still can, as long as you add the supernatural into the calculations. Sorry, got carried away. Anyway, I met these people, no I'm not going to write their names. A girl and three boys in their early twenties. The girl was Norwegian, one of the guys was European, the others American, but one with Chinese parents. Turned out we were the only ones who noticed the ghost. I got into this because some ghost or spirit or something tried to strangle me in my basement. Well, that was somewhat unpleasant. Turned out all of us experienced something weird, because we all started investigating what was happening. Turned out the tree was a haunted, murdering tree possessed by dear mr Moth himself. As a ghost of course. During all the occult stuff I was very skeptical, and since I was knocked out by manic dogs, I didn't witness anything supernatural. Come to think of it, I didn't witness anything supernatural until the whole wedding affair. They managed to exorcise the ghost and vanquish it. After that we just stuck together, meeting at Harry's Bar. Which oddly enough still is the usual place.

Chapter 2: The theft of Hermes kidney

I remember receiving a call from Hermes that day when his kidney was stolen. I can't say I remember all the details, but it had something to do with a woman in red, drugs, ice in a bathtub and a phone with a note saying "Call 911". He did call and found out that things like this happens from time to time. And since the police won't do anything, he called us. We started doing some investigation into the whole organ stealing. We found out that a local street gang probably knew more about this than us, since that's where our leads ended. So we interviewed the gang and through some, apparent, luck we won the information from their leader. And to our surprise, organs were very much sought after. They could be used to make potent drugs, they claimed. So we were sent to the Asian doctor, who turned out to be an alchemist. I carbon dated a piece of a picture given to me by the doc. And it was old, very old. Can't remember how old though. Anyway, I couldn't come along to the shop to deal with this situation, so they went without me. Apparently "The Agency" were there taking the doctor and his work, but Hermes got his kidney back. And through another hospital visit was good to go with his own kidney once again. This is probably the sickest situation we've experienced thus far.

Chapter 3: Grandmother's coma

This one has me worried, it turned out that the Seers of the Throne are behind this place. I found the symbol in my granny's notes, and there were some symbols in the rest of the area too when I start to think about it. Maybe we should go back there, this time just more than me.

We went back to the Hillcrest Center for the Elderly Living after the Consilium meeting, becaus they wanted us to help in the investigativ stage against the Seers of the Throne. Jane was put as our contact for this particular mission. The first thing we did was do some recon by sending myself and Hermes in to scout the place. We saw my grandmother there, but could not discern a reason for her coma. But next to the beds of every pasient was this person in jumpsuit taking notes of what they said in there "sleep". The notes we figured out was deliverd to a typist who we could not get access to at this time. We figured that we couldn't do anything more at that moment, so we left and sent Skade in with the cloak of forces invisibility. She found out that the typist wrote on a old typer without any electronic parts, and then sent the revised notes in a transport later on. After asking some questions to Jane and some speculation we figured this was how the Seers "got there objectives" from the "Exarchs", and that if we also had the same information we could fight them off more succsessfully. So to do this we ended up finding out where the typist lived and sabotaged her car, and generally cursed her with bad luck to buy us time while I infiltrated her office. This was done whithout insident and I managed to install a device that sent the same mesages to us, read the Guardiens, without them noticing. Hopefully. So that is the short version of this mission.

Chapter 4: The wedding

Where I witnessed the supernatural for the first time. It was Skade's friend who was supposed to marry this rich man. Turned out he had swapped the bride with another, against his will that is. His mother was doing some rituals to some dark god, and her son was set to marry one of their servants or something along those lines. Exactly what they were eludes me still. Perhaps I should do some research on the matter. Anyway, after some investigation and some infiltration, we managed to thwart the wedding through the use of a light-bomb. Similar to a flash bang really, just more powerful. It was an interesting device when I think about it. Perhaps I should make some more of them. And if I change the amount of some of the ingredients and add some phosphor… Sorry, got carried away again. Yes, then the altar in the mother's bedroom was blown to bits. We decided to thwart the wedding even more, since they didn't stop after the explosion, by setting fire to it. Of course the wedding actually continued after the fire was extinguished. Can you believe the determination of these people? Anyway, in the end the father of the new bride showed his true form. Which was horrifying to say the least. We defeated the incarnations of evil with the cunning use of molotov cocktails. Can't belive what they actually served their guests, having substances which actually work as molotovs. Anyway, the original bride had her wedding in the end, and the mother was apparently very silent afterwards.

Chapter 5: The factory

The factory incident, strange things going on that we at the time knew where a ghost. Well, everyone but me I expect. I really can't believe I was as ignorant as I was, after all those encounters and I still didn't belive in the supernatural. Anyway, there was an accident at the factory, and we started to investigate because the man in the accident was a friend of Rui Shi's. We started by sneaking in in disguise as inspectors, which went very well thanks to Hermes' talent at manipulation. We found out that the employee whoms death we were investigating did not get pushed off the walkway and into the machinery by a living person, because there were no way that anyone could sneak up on anyone on that walkway. So when we had that knowledge at hand we started doing some serious investigation through the internet and libraries. We found out that the former accountant stole money from the company, so we then went to his family and found a widow and a son. After some more investigation of some kind, can't remember, we found another family the ghost had. That was when we found my car with writings on it that told us not to meddle. One of the two kids playing in the garden told us that it was "daddy", the dead man. So the entire mess was actually because he had to families and was discovered. He then committed suicide and started killing the people he looked upon as guilty for his death. We figured we should do something about this and prepared an exorcism. We had the exorcism at the parkinglot in front of the factory. We succeeded in the exorcism thanks to a boy in pyjamas, who we later found out was the mage who would be called Egon having his Awakening. So that was the adventure of the Haunted Factory.

Chapter 6: The luggage

I was not in this thing, only Skade and Hermes was. But as far as i could tell from there stories, they where stormed and taken hostage by terrorists who where looking for the Amilia luggage. Now Hermes managed to scare them through his fox spirit companion. I think I forgot to tell about this one. We where meeting at Harry's as usual when a fox started talking to us, he asked for a place to hide from some ravens or something. Of course, the hiding place was inside one of us and after a lot of questions and discussion Hermes accepted the termes. So the fox gave Hermes powers of trickery, which seem to fit him, and through the powers tricked the leader of the terrorists to hear sirenes and a SWAT team entering the aerport. This made the terrorists flee the scene, and somehow Skade lost her boyfriend. And they found and kept the Amelia luggage. This briefcase was stored in my safe until the war on my lawn. Inside the briefcase was a Golden Hammer, a Silver Wrench, a Cobber Compass, some notes saing "12 13 14" and "A B C", a lot of Wonderbaums and one small tree or something. It turned out this was a riddle whith the solution "hidden in plain sight". We contacted a woman who would help us, for a price, with all our questions. We where to meet at my place and once we got there she got shot through the knee by a sniper. Thats the beginning of the war on my lawn. I managed to get my kevlar vest and revolver while the rest, not Hermes when I think about it, tried to get everyone inside the house for safety. When I ot back up Skade was in the womans car with said woman, Chimera was fighting some man at my lawn and the sniper was on the roof on the other side of the street. I tried to keep the sniper at bay by shooting at him, I don't think I killed him when he fell out of sight. Anyway, just before he fell away he managed to shoot Chimera so he collapsed. After Chimera had knocked out the other rifleman. And then there was this lady who came out of nowhere burned and everything, probably saved my life by slowing down a bullet before it hit me. We got everyone inside after that. Couldn't save Chimera though. I brought everyone to my basement where the safe was, and had a long talk about all that was, would and had happened. After a long time of conversation and the sounds of battle outside, the new lady who was named Florance sacrifased herself and brought Chimera back to life. Apparantly that's when he Awakened. We desided to flee the scene and brought the hammer, wrench and compass with us. I had prepered for a worst kind scenario and packed a briefcase with all the things I needed. On our way out of the house I decided to see what was going on outside, what I saw was a lot of magic getting tossed around. So we simply fled through the back door. Also I had rigged the entire house and garden with 4,3 kilograms of homemade TNT in carefully calculated quanteties to assure maximum destruction without unneccessery harm to the surrounding houses. This worked perfectly, this was also my Awakening. The details I wil not share in this journal.

We fled and hid at Hermes appartement, where Florance was turned into a statue. After a while we desided that an hotell would be safer, and there we met the true fay named Lord Opener of Shard. That was fun, we found out that Hermes was a former alcoholic because of the extreme amounts of booze he indulged. And Skade apparantly hate the fay, and the fay wanted the key Skade had, but we did not tell it she had it. After the visit the police came and arrested Hermes, we desided the hotel was not so safe after all and left. After that we went to the Coit Tower for some reason I can't remember and met bottlecap scorpions. Chimera managed to talk to them trough his magic, and promised to give them a new bottles for there trubble. On our way back from the tower a silver light swalloud Skade and Rui Shi. Later we learned that they where in the spirit world and that Rui Shi was a prisoner because he did not follow protocall. Sometime later he returned with a new lady who we later identifyed as Inanna, and that he to had Awakened. Somehow we found Hermes again and he told us about a hospital, a tiger, a cannibal, a man with weird eyes and that he had seen a weird tower. He had Awakened. The details of his adventure where somthing in the line of crazy people wanting to ruin his life and an attack upon them made by what we again later found out was the Guardians. The cannibal ate Hermes friend and the man with the wierd eyes got away. I think the cannibal also got away, but I'm not sure. We started to scrutinize the Wrench, Coin and Key because Hermes saw some kind of interconnections between them. And suddently a silver light flashed out into the room, and in the room there suddently stood a man with loincloth and a spaer. He turned out to be a ancient atlantien spell. Go figure. And we communicated with him through Chimeras spirit toung. Also Skade went into the mirror with Lord Opener of Shard and Awakened, she has witheld some pieces of information on what happened in there but we know she Awakened and that she somehow found her boyfriend. So at least there was one victory in all the chaos. I am terribly sorry for not inserting when and what was up with the Homeland Security, I honestly can't remember. Way to much happened in this short period of time to keep track accuratly.

Chapter 7: The awakend life

We stayed at Hermes apartement for a little while, and suddently had a limosine outside and someone who wanted a meeting with Chimera. Me and Hermes decided to go along for support and protection. It turned out that it was a Lich who wanted to meet him and have him join. He was given leave to think on it and we went back to Hermes' place to see if Skade had returned. Yes, this was when she were in the mirror with Lord Opener. While we stayed at Hermes place we noticed a swarm of locus outside his apartement. And in the middle of it stood the strange man from the wrench, the one in the loincloth and spear. We decided to follow him as that seemed to be his intent. After walking a while we found out that we could call him Ananke, which we now know is a Fate spell of immence power. Anyway, he made us meet a lot of other people dressed for war. We had a chat with them about what we were and what they were. Mages. So after a small introduction we decided to meet up later. That's when we first came to The Helioptic Brotherhood of Ra Sanctum. There were representatives from all the Orders, Heisenberg for the Free Council, Inanna for the Mysterium, Sheherazade for the Silver Ladder, Winston Smith for The Guardians and I can't remember who the last one was. Anyway, I joined the Free Council and got Heisenberg as a mentor and started learning right away, Hermes joined the Guardians, Skade and Chimera joined the Mysterium and Rui Shi joined the Adamantine Arrow. After a rather long while of tutoring we bought a mansion to be our one Sanctum. But strange things started to happen and we found that we really liked our new home, so much infact that we did not want to leave. In the end both me and Chimera were trapped in the mansion itself and tormented by it. I still have nightmares about the feeling of agony the house delivered me. But, Skade, Hermes and Rui Shi saved us from the Abyssal house and we got therapy from Baphometh. And my therapy was the delight of setting the entire house with explosives and blowing it all back to the Abyss.

Chapter 8: Our first assignment

Our first assignment, the house of illusions. Yes, this was a very interesting mission for us. The house was a Sanctum some forty years ago. And we soon figured out why it was strange, it was a lot of Prime Illusions which made it look like something from forty years back. The first thing that happened was the stakeout, this was conducted by myself, Chimera, Skade and I can't remember if anyone else was involved. Anyway the reason we had this assignement was because the Laylines were influenced by the rather bad resonanse of the manor. So we started investigating the place and found out that the owner, the mage, killed the maid, his wife, his brother, his sister in law, and then went upstairs and started a ritual so long and powerfull he killed himself doing it. So now he was a ghost with Awakened powers. We found out after Skade infiltrated the manor as a maid and was nearly killed by the "mage", who was a Prime Illusion, and found many dead bodies in the basement. She managed to contact us, I belive through Twilight. And me and Chimera came in as the electrician and his helper. That's when we found out that it was Illusions in the picture, because our possessions were transformed into old equivalents, but I saw through the illusions. This is when we started to investigate all inside the manor and uncover all the facts that I presented earlier. We went to the kitchen and managed to speak with the ghost and made a play for him that made him happy enough to just make his anchor disappear. This made the entire spell go away as well, I think, but I'm not entirely sure. Of course now I know that we could have destroyed the runes. But insight and wisdom comes with time and study.

Chapter 9: When we found our Sanctum

We started to get slightly introduced to the awakened society, and it was a lot to keep track of. And we started to investigate some strange thing we fond at the university. After some rather extensive investigation we found out that there was probably something underneath the ground where the gazebo used to be. So in the cover of night we started to dig at that exact location, and found a hach. We went down and found a huge underground lair. After exploring a lot we encountered a humanoid being that attacked us. After a rather hard battle we won and a snake spirit came out of the body. It was feathery and big. It told us that we where its new masters, so we decided to move into this huge lair and make it our Sanctum.

The others also encountered a Shapeshifter that was trying to sell a rather strange camera. Which we got a hand of. I don't have details on this however.

We also investigated Chimeras scrapyard and found a very powerfull Darkness spirit, which gave us a task to make the lights of the city to be turned off for at least one night. So we convinced a city official that it was a good thing to do. I can't remember who at the moment, but it's not important.

And this was about the time we fixed the Hillcrest situation.

Chapter 10:

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