Nemesis Continuum

Nature: A set of alien natural laws & mathematical principles, native to the Abyss and hostile to this reality.
First Encountered: (As mentioned on plot-list page, I'm not sure when exactly this took place)


*Whenever people know these abyssal laws of physics they begin to actually come true, overwriting the original ones in that region.
*Whoever knows bits of it can extrapolate further theorems, building on the principles they already understand to discover new equations and proofs, thereby increasing its 'amount' or 'scope'.
*The more people who know, and the more principles are discovered, the more severely the Nemesis Continuum alters reality, and the further the effect can spread.
*Was first contracted by Heisenberg in some way when he was working on Project Flashback.
*He in turn infected his apprentice, Alfred Nobel, with this abyssal knowledge.
*Nobel then went on to expand on the Nemesis Continuum significantly, increasing the knowledge of it tenfold at least, nearly destroying the world. Or so people keep telling him, at least…
*Finally overcome through mind-magics to temporarily forget the knowledge while the cabal traveled into the affected Oneiroi and 'killed' the information directly.


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