Nature: Magical alloy
Info: For all its useful properties, Naqahdah is equally renowned for the fact that it is amongst the very few Alloys which haven't been discovered by Forge Masters, passed down as ancient secrets or reverse engineered from recovered artefacts. It was produced for the first time in 2001 by a young and brilliant Threnodist who was researching quantum entanglement, and the possible relation to Space magic it might have had. When his research led him to believe that a certain combination of Perfected Metals could function as an effective illustration of his theories he set about to create a prototype, and quickly entered the history books with his find. The fact that the young Free Council mage was an evid sci-fi fan, and tended to explain his research with an abundance of techno-babble, did not exactly endear him to the rest of the academic community, which is why so many other researchers claim that stories of a similar Alloy have been found in certain ancient texts from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The alloy is of a dark blue colour, and resembles some heavy stone both in durability and weight. For each point of potency on the forging spell, a new object may be created from the same batch of materials. So four successes could either be used to create two size 2 Naqahdah objects, or four size 1 objects. Creating a single size 4 object is also possible, but counterproductive, as it renders the magical properties of the alloy useless.

By channeling mana into one of the objects, the sympathetic ties between he objects created by the same spell increases, by one step on the Sympathy Chart per mana spent. This happens no matter how far removed the different objects are from each other. The reverse can also be achieved: By spending mana and concentrating, the holder can decrease the sympathetic ties, one step per mana spent. The objects are so 'entangled' that anyone holding one of them is assumed, for magical purposes, to have the same sympathetic link to the rest of the objects as the link the object he is holding has. Example: If a mage holds in his hand a Naqadah amulet which has intimate sympathetic connection to a similar amulet in the antarctic, then the mage has, for all magical purposes, an intimate sympathetic connection to the antarctic amulet, even if he has never seen it.

Since its discovery, Naqahdah has been used in all sorts of Imbued Items, from communication and scrying to teleportation and even certain weapons. But the fact that the linked objects provide a two-way connection inhibits its usefulness as far-range weapons material. Of course, many mages grumble that it wasn't found until now, when sleeper technology has already become so advances that communication at a distance is possible without magic, but since the alloy has several other uses as well these complaints are usually disregarded.

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