The Mysterium
Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless,
and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.
— Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

Nature: Mage Order
Faction: Pentacle
Mythologically: Wing of the Dragon
Soundtrack: The Trail We Blaze - Elton John

Info: The Mysterium is fairly well represented in the city, with the Athenaeum at the Palace of Fine Arts as the undeniable headquarters. The location itself is partly owned by Apollo, which is one of the reasons that he happens to be the Curator running the place. Update: It was like this, up until the events of Chapter 4.2 "A Sound of Thunder", in which he shunted the entire contents of the collection an unknown distance into the future upon the very moment he was about to be relieved of his duty. Since then the new curator, Ahura Mazda, has been left trying to scramble together enough materials to merit the actual label of 'Athenaeum'.


When it comes to leadership, the Order is handled in a very hands-off policy by Polydegmon, mostly because he seems to be far too busy with his own projects to actually micromanage. Many therefore default to the forceful and commanding Councillor for the Mysterium, Ahura Mazda, when they need decisions and the handling of lesser issues. Of course, most people go through his provost, Inanna, since the man himself can be difficult if not handled correctly.

Update: After involving him in several of their rather dramatic experiences, especially facing the consequences of his failure in tutoring Isis, the Eye of the Storm managed to stir Polydegmon enough that he sat up and took notice of how his order was being handled by Mazda. And he did not approve, as became painfully apparent in Chapter 3.3 "…and Debts Forgotten Time Collects". But after he lost the resulting duel on mars (3.8 "War of the Words") his ability to oppose Mazda in order-affairs became severely limited.

The local Caucus meets on the 12th of every month, at a quarter past eight, in the special conference room in the Athenaeum. Here they present their work, enlighten their fellows, debate hot topics and perform initiatory rites. Despite the sudden and grievous loss of all their precious lore and beloved treasures, or perhaps exactly because of this, the order has refused to deviate from this tradition. They continue to hold their monthly meetings, though the agenda has inevitably changed much of its focus towards rebuilding what was lost before any other topics.


A little Learning is a dang’rous Thing;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring:
There shallow Draughts intoxicate the Brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again.
—Alexander Pope, “An Essay on Criticism”

Order Positions

1.Aquisitor: Skaffer items og bøker sleepers har, fra hvelv, samlinger, museer og ruiner. Tyver.
1.Censor: Fjerner kunnskap og items andre mages har, som de ikke burde ha, ifølge mysterium.
2.Savant: Professor innen sitt felt. Ansvarlig for å kunne ting, bevare sin kunnskap, stille til rådighet.
3.Curator: Sjefen for mysteriumet sitt bibliotek/magisamling, Atheanaeumet.


Ranks of Initiation

0.Neokoros Inferior: Nettop blitt med i ordenen, men ikke blitt inlemmet i indre sirkler. Ca. ekvivalent med å bli student.
1.Neokoros Superior: Har bidratt med noe til Ordenen, og blitt innlemmet som ordentlig medlem. Kan sammenlignes med en student som har bestått en del eksamener.
2.Daduchos Inferior: Har bevist man er kompetent og blitt flink, har oppnådd en Bachelor-grad eller lignende; studieveileder; de som gjør ting.
3.Daduchos Superior: Er etablert som bidragsyter, har lagt inn mye hardt arbeid for ordenen og gjort markante framskritt innen sitt felt. Omtrent som en Mastergrad, og gjerne litt mer.
4.Hierophant: Personen er nå en lokal ekspert, har bidratt masse, og bevist at han kan jobbe hardt og oppnå resultater. Omtrent som å ha avlagt en Doktorgrad.
5.Hierophant Superior: Innerste mester, lar andre styre de verdslige ting og utfører egne, mer avanserte studier. De respekterte mestre innen sitt felt, omtrent som Stephen Hawkins, Einstein eller Feynmann.



The Three Principles

  • Knowledge is power
  • Knowledge must be preserved
  • Knowledge has a price


The Four Protocols

  1. Right Scholarship
  2. Right Apprenticeship
  3. Right Exchange
  4. Right Authority


Rote Skills

  • Investigation
  • Occult
  • Survival


Mysterium Legacies


Local Members


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