Feel free to list events, objects, enigmas and occurrences which are yet to be explained and understood, so that one might keep track of them.

  • The Symbol
  • The Sanctum
  • The Amelia Luggage (partly solved, we think) Hermes: I strongly disagree. Skadi's boyfriend is recovered, but we still do not know why and how it became the most delayed luggage in the history of air travel (in itself interesting). We have solved details, not more than that.
  • The reasons for why the now deceased doctor was snooping around on the scrapyard (probably solved)
  • The Haator statuette
  • Exactly how The Condiments disappeared (partially solved; strange glowy stuff in Eclipse temple seems key here)
  • What does the Scobury-Clovill camera actually do when used? (It's a trap! A wicked faerie-trap! Eeevil faeries…)
  • The theft of the instruction manual for the Psychopomp (Solved)
  • The insidious Collar of Tamas! (It's a trap! A horrible, morality changing trap!)
  • Riders of Pegasus and bellerophon-society
  • Who's behind the conspiracy framing the cabal? (Polarian?! Why? Because of the Atman Aeternus or Father Gabriel? Solution: He thought the pc's were evil villains. ST notes: So people can tell he's very perceptive)
  • What did the vision of the White Watchtower mean? And where's that book? (We got the book. But what does it all mean..? What does this mean? It's so intense!)
  • The true nature and history of Atlantis
  • How Nobel and Avatar created CPAN1, what it is and what it is capable of doing. (And of course Madame Curie's insane plans)
  • The White Room.
  • Clockroacheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! (you destroyed Clock of Rasputin, now face the tiny, determined and metallic concequences!) (Solved ^^)
  • The Valkyrie Inc. Murder
  • The Familiar Shenanigans (although with Chimera dead this mystery will probably quietly pass into oblivion…). ST notes: Yeeeesssss, go on, ignore it! Let the event lie, let the whole incident be ignored! Let whoever is behind it get away undetected to strike again. Yeeeessssss! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! (…or not)
  • The Collector, and why does he/she/it/they collect?
  • Why was Pliskin's mother murdered? (Seers being dicks and conspiering to get rid of one of the strongest and most well-known concilium-mages at the time.) (Or Consilium-folk som ikke likte henne…)
  • What is Tamas and The Dread Fellowship of Apep up to?
  • What was going on in Germany in the forties? And what's the story behind the mysterious note that Dorian brought back from his little vacation-trip?
  • Who's the rest of the people/groups on the CD that Low-Key gave Hermes for Christmas? And why are all these relevant? And what's the reason behind these song choices?
  • The MOON!
  • The Glass House
  • How come Hermes and Dorian were the only ones who could predict the externination of the Free Council?
  • What actually happened to Low-Key? (solved: he reached absolute power, then Skadi killed him)
  • For what purpose was the Kalakin Engine constructed? What is it supposed to do?
  • Message given to Dorian about room 7 of Hilbert's Hotel

Unfinished list. Up to players to add their own.

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