Mr Saturday

Path: Moros
Order: Apostate/Left Handed
Legacy: Cult of the Doomsday Clock
First encountered: 1.6 "Ancestral voices prophesying war", interrogated John upon his arrest, threatened his family, and battled him post-awakening
Notable Appearances: 3.1 "Stolen Hearts", coincidentally robbed Winston at the same time as Hermes was there to steal the soulstone; also arranged kidnapping of Jareth in return for piece of the Kalakin Engine, or failing that, the destruction of the Clock of Rasputin. The latter turned out to be sinister ploy to divert Clockroaches away from himself and make them target the cabal instead. 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", wherein he surrenders to the Concilium and pleads for asylum after having seen the errors of his Legacy.


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