Moth Summer House

A run down shack where the last Moth descendant spends his days. Lies a good hour's drive out of the city, surrounded by farmland. The summer house is cornered in by 4 saplings taken from the great tree of Moth Park. They seem to encircle the house,as if to protect or crush it, and a branch has already invaded one side of the house. The house itself looks rather run down, but is filled with paper clippings, various paraphernalia and weirdness. Rooms have been "warded" with strewn salt, and there are weird notes stuck to the doors of other, mostly unused rooms.

In addition to the main building there is an old shed, with rusty locks and even more rusty gardening implements. Here the characters broke in to acquire rope, old blankets and tools, but left some money for the "borrowed" equipment.

As they left the house, the characters were led off into the surrounding cornfields by the ghost, finding a nailed-shut well. Down there, Jian-Li found an old painting of the Moth family. The painting transformed before their eyes, and gave them a crucial hint as to the origin of the Moth Park haunting.

Not visited since the cleansing of Moth Park.

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