I met a man in my dreams last night,
on his breast was a jeweled pin.
xxxA stranger he was,
xxxin the land of my dreams,
and I had not invited him in.

«My hood» he said, in a voice of steel,
«I formed from the doubt of a man.»
xxx«The crown on my brow
xxx I have fashioned of shame,
and my cloak was a hopeful plan.

«Grief for a child I took as my ring,
and a moonlight kiss is my staff.
xxx«The medals I have
xxx are the dreams of young girls,
and my shirt was a dear father's laugh.

I met a man in my dreams last night,
when he left me he held a knife.
xxxWith a hand as bleak
xxxas a memory lost
he had taken my love for my wife.

Nature: Astral Creature (former Mage)
First Encountered: During the quest for Drake's Hoard
Notable Appearances: 3.6 "As easy as ABC", where it was working together with the Seer Pylon ''Elder Sister on their attempt at forcing entry to the Omphalos Shrine
ST's Illustration: (link)



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