Alchemists on the Path of Doom
Scions of the Watchtower of the Lead Coin in the Realm of Stygia
Kingdom of Crypts and Abode of Shades


Nature: Path to Enlightenment
Ruling Arcana: Death & Matter
Inferior Arcanum: Spirit
Supernal Realm: Stygia / Sheol / Hades
Oracle: The Sorrowful King in Gray
Soundtrack: Mountain - Heather Dale



Core Concept: Transition; liminality, edges/borders (the change from one state to another, from solid to liquid, lead to gold, alive to dead, today into tomorrow, as well as the edges of objects and the thresholds between one place and another, from beaches to national borders)
Defining Traits: Serious, hardworking, intellectual/philosophical, pragmatic, studious (to point of obsessiveness), ''down to earth'', steadfast
Resistance Attribute: Composure
Ideal Virtue: Prudence (sound judgement & patience)
Inherent Vice: Pride
Tool materials: Lead, Ivory, Gems




Element: Earth
Metal: Lead
Planet: Saturn (& Earth)
Weapons: Hammer, Mace
Color: Grey
Animal: Moth
Totem: Basilisk
Jewel: Diamond
Plant: Yew
Fabric: Linen
Vehicle: Wagon
Sleeper Culture: Egyptian and Etruscan religion, Hades, Greek eidola, Haitian voodoo, certain forms of Chinese ancestor worship



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