Mjöllner Array

Nature: Magical installation
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"
Location: Found in the sanctum Bilskirnir, which lies in the land of Þrúðvangr

Description: On top of the central circular stone tower at the heart of Bilskirnir is found the main body of the Mjöllnir Array. Around the perimeter of the rooftop there are twelve runestones appearing to be no different than any other such carved neolithic remains found anywhere in Scandinavia. They are so typical, in fact, that some of them are even perfectly identical to the nexus-stones of the few leyline-networks the Cabal has been in proximity with thus far. This might be because they are in fact the same stones, as space-sight reveals, permanently co-located to exist both out in the wide world where they act to regulate and harness the power of the earth and in this ordered circle, at the same time.

In the center stands a stone pillar of a slightly peculiar shape, with an almost shrine-like cavity wherein Mjöllner was made to reside. But much more immediately imposing is the fact that a robust and hefty iron chain has its midpoint somehow anchored near the top of this square column, and is continually rotating like the blades of a helicopter not too far above the heads of anyone standing there. At either end is a large stone representation of the Hammer, and these two ponderously make their circuit around the circle, passing just low enough over the runestones that they touch and grind each other, from which the hammers absorb any excess ley-e energy so that the nexus-stone's power-flow remains steady and dependable, with a rhythm akin to an actual heartbeat.


ThrudTower01.jpg MjollnirArray02.png
Circle of Stones, seen from above Entrance staircase
MjollnirArray04.png MjollnirArray03.png
Cardinal Figure nr. 3 of 4 Cardinal Figure nr. 4 of 4


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