Nature: Enhanced Item •• (it has spell cast on itself; doesn't put spell on user or target)
First Encountered: 5.2 "There but for the grace of us", where it was found and acquired as a part of Drake's Hoard
Notable Appearances: 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", where it was properly analyzed and taken note of.

Description: A stone device shaped like a hefty disc about as thick as the tip-joint of a thumb, with a radius small enough that it rests comfortably in the palm of one's hand. It consists of an outer 'casing' which holds two differently-sized flat stone wheels, the one inside the other, like the concentric rings after a stone is dropped into a still pond. They're both held in place by an (obsidian) axle-pin through their joint center, which is itself tied to the 'chassis' by four 'spokes' of petrified wood carved to look like the roots of a tree, with the central pin in the position of the 'tree trunk'. Each of the two wheels have their surface carved in the same way, divided into the same number of regular segment, each of which is adorned with the same relief-symbol, with the only difference being that one is smaller and the other larger.

Effects: The two aforementioned wheels rotate continually, as the device is enchanted with a version of the Time 1 spell ''Temporal Wrinkles" which measures the current speed of time in the vicinity, and displays the result by altering the rotational velocity of one wheel to match. So if one looks at it and sees that the inner wheel is moving more slowly than the outer, that means time is going that much slower, locally. The correspondence is exact: If it moves at half speed, then you are yourself going through time at half speed, for example.

Conversely, if you're currently moving faster through time then the outer wheel begins to slow down, so once again one can measure the differential by comparing its new speed to that of the inner one (representing the 'self', or observer). Through experimentation it's been discovered that if one jumps back in time the inner wheel jerks back one 'step' as well, indicating that the metachronometer can actually keep track of time when time-traveling.

Info: The four 'roots' visually divide the 'readout', the surface of the wheels, into four quadrants. The time it takes one of the indicator-glyphs to traverse one quadrant from edge to edge is the exact time it takes a non-extended Transitory spell to expire (~3 seconds), which means that when not affected by any time-distortions the wheels take 12 seconds to complete one full rotation.

For as long as the Cabal have known of the metachronometer, the outer wheel has spent almost a full day (23,5 hours) to complete one half of its circuit.

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