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Nature: An imbued merging of 4 soulstones and an artifact, which has had synthetic pseudo-proto-soulstuff 'poured' into the 'fissures' between its components.
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"

Description: A sturdy, hefty belt of leather and bronze, seemingly composed of/decorated with interlocking s-shaped double spirals.



  • It's designed to interface with Mjölnir, Járngreipr and the Chariot of Thor so they're synchronized and function more like a single item. Meant to compensate for the fact that most of these are originally of different origins and have different primary functions, serving as a sort of 'adapter' between the less-than-perfectly-compatible magical items.
  • As part of this it can link the Chariot's energy-expenditure to the Node-power through the Hammer, the core conduit of the Array. This seems to eliminate the need to spend mana on the driving/flying, which in turn means the chariot won't pattern-scour the operator when it needs fuel.
  • The legends claim that the belt ''doubled the godly power'' of whoever wore it, and though this feature hasn't been tested current analysis would indicate that the belt can be made to function as an amplifier, much like an echo chamber, or the reflective surface behind the bulb in a car's headlights, or the amp of an electric guitar.

Info: Found in Bilskirnir

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