Echidna - Aeon of Matter
"The Divine has descended through mind into matter.
Matter is the divine in its most condensed form.
The gnostic error is to hate the material world;
the super-context is already fully present in everything.
The material world is the part of heaven we can touch."
- Grant Morrison, The Invisibles
Nature: Astral Being
Type: Aeon
Mate: Nidhogg, Aeon of Matter
First Encountered: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers"




Request: Help with dispelling the magic that turned Mnemosyne to stone.
Boon: Was given a golden chalice containing the power of an Auctoritas-Binding. He, and he alone, can pour water from the chalice to wash away any magic effect involving matter from whatever the water is poured on, no matter the potency or power of the magics involved. But it will only function once.
Price: In return for learning the price of Nidhogg's offer, Hermes had to accept that he would not be told of Echidna's price for this help until later. Thus far, it has not been revealed.

Request: Wanted to learn how to understand enough about the Mayflower II, and the magical alloys involved in its design, for him to be able to repair it.
Boon: He was granted enough access to ancient and long-lost lore of magical smithing and crafting that he was allowed to buy dots in the "Magitech" skill as a one-time event.
Price: He had to translate all the recipes for different Magical Alloys available to him, and to teach these to anyone who honestly and truly desired to learn them, no matter who they may be.


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