Marino Faliero

Nature: Sleepwalker / homunculus; previously also a ghost and a hat
Title: The 55th Doge of Venice
Fist Encountered: 4.1 "Veni, Vidi, Venice"

Info: Many centuries ago Marino had it all: Money, fame, and power. But he was old and dying, his body failing and his mind slipping into dementia. So he made a pact with two members of the newly created Tremere Liches, using his position and influence to their advantage in return for substantial riches and a promise that they would ensure his continued existence no matter what might befall.

But the results of their alliance were not as expected, and in the end the Doge was not only executed but his name and image were stricken from all records, designating him unworthy and damned for all time. In the year 2009, however, the Liches managed to cheat death entirely on his behalf by reuniting his mind and soul with a manufactured homunculus-body they had created for him all those years ago. He was, naturally, the original owner of the item known as the hat of Marino Faliero.

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