Manchu's Apothecary

This used to be the office of Manchu; the possibly ancient, asian doctor we recently encountered. Based in chinatown, the front of the Apothecary is mostly like a typical chinese remedy-shop, complete with a really old school (kassaapparat= cashier? eller registry?). Here mr Manchu seemed to do everyday herbal trade (like aspirin). Following him to the back room, however, we found his lab. Frankensteinian in design, it looked like nothing Joshua had ever encountered, at least. Josh could probably give do a rough summary of what the various, wierd equipment in the lab looked like.

Since Manchu was chloroformed in his home, we do not know what became of his apothecary or his lab. Since we were told to forget about everything we saw/heard here, it seems likely that we should return at a later date, to see what kind of cover "The Agency" pulled over Manchu's operations.

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