Manchu is an ancient asian "doctor" who surgically removed kidneys from unuspecting people, operating from his apothecary in chinatown. He used these kidneys, along with the patients "ki" that he harvested from it, to create a longevity potion for himself. Researched on a way to remove this component from his potion; had come as far as needing only 1 kidney every other month. Had an agreement with the "Red Dawn", a (most likely) criminal organisation that spread a drug based on the human kidneys (or rather, the adrenal glands thereof) Manchu removed. We carbon dated a picture that seemed to be of him, it turned out to be some 600 years old, giving credit to his tale of being at least that old.
Manchu believed that what he did was for the betterment of mankind, as his research was supposed to create a potion that every human could use.

We agreed to take mr Manchu out, preparing to drug him with chloroform, spray him with mace, and counterspell his arts. To do this, we presented Jian-Li's mentor as a new apprentice to his art, so he could perform the counterspell. Before we could do this, however, a rather shady-looking south-asian man appeared from the shadows with the words "I have come for you Manchu". This man apparently worked for an agency that wanted to permanently remove him. As Manchu tried to flee (and the stranger stood watching), we chloroformed him. We agreed to leave the place, and to "forget that anything had ever happened here".

However, the stranger did tell (after John asked) of a way to contact him: Place a blue post-it note in the rubbish bin of a fast-food shop. MacDonalds was preferable, especially near (INSERT PLACENAME HERE).

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