Ministry of Mammon

Nature: Lesser Seer Ministry (close to reaching power & importance equivalent to an Order)
Faction: Pyramid
Exarch: The Chancellor
Prelacy: Scarcity (Matter)
Focus: Materialism, wealth & poverty, money & commerce, greed & envy, luxury, decadence, capitalism, ''old money'', corporations, exploitation (sweatshops & slavery), debt, stock markets

Money money money - ABBA
Kursiv - Trang Fødsel

Info: One of the many 'lesser' ministries, not one of the Four Great Ministries with truly globe-spanning Tetrarchies, though know to be among the most powerful of these groups, possibly on the cusp of usurping that high position by unseating one of the current ones.


Known Members


List of Mages
List of the Pentacle Orders

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