Nature: The Created
First Encountered: 2.4 "Oh what a tangled web we weave!" (??? I think ???)

Appearances: He was first encountered when he had been manipulated by the Seers of the Throne (those based in the Mission Dolores) into destroying the Paradigm's sanctum and obliterating their research, as payback for that cabal having snooped around the Dolores church (on the orders of the Ruling Counil, after Rui Shi had pointed out that seers might be there, so someone should check it out). In return for this task, the Seers promised to transplant a soul into him, but didn't mention the explosively lethal side-effects of such a procedure. The PC's saved him (becoming irradiated in the process), and in return he testified to their innocence in front of the Concilium when they were accused of being lich-cultists.

Left town shortly thereafter, to go meditate on his sins in a remote cave somewhere. When it was discovered that CPAN-1 corrupted the environment in the same way as Malone the PC's tried to contact him so they could ask him to take the the young robot under his protection and 'mentor' him about his own nature, but by then the cave was empty. Given that just being in the same neighborhood as Malone for more than a week is highly destructive to any form of electronics, it has proven difficult for him to keep a cellphone operational enough for him to be easily available.

In the end, fate-magic was used so that the letter they wrote will hopefully somehow reach him, and/or that CPAN-1 will encounter him on his own after the android had to go out into the world on his own.

Info: Is over two centuries old, was 'built' in Ireland, and his own maker was the first successful "child" created by the original Frankenstein-monster. Has become incredibly knowledgeable and powerful over the years, but still had so little experience with human interaction that the villains were able to dupe him.

Was strong enough to throw an 18-wheel's truck at the PC's…while they were in a narrow alley….by standing on a parallel street and throwing the vehicle over the buildings between them.


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