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Nature: "Accidental" Grimoire
First Accessed: 6.4 "The Hieromagus Cometh"

Info: The PC's sanctum has incredibly potent defenses and functions, all of them interconnected to the central "hub" of the 'mainframe'. Its records show that not only has the entirety of the Library's original contents long since been "checked out" (mainframe still keeps a running score of 'overdue fees' for each un-returned text, even though it's now 5-10'000 years later), but it also indicates that most of the actual required "hardware" (physical components) needed to access/'read' that original content has also been removed.

In any case, once Pliskin finally bought himself a near-total security clearance he eventually noticed that while the actual Rote-"folder" had been cleared there were some remaining Rotes that had been overlooked, almost certainly because these had been accidentally misfiled and so ended up stored in the wrong part of the system.

Spell Dice pool Arcana lvl Traits
Chimerical Representation ? + ? - Symp Matter
+Mind 3
(+Prime 3)
•••• (?) ?
Transmute Gold Int + Magitech Matter ••••
Reconfigure Object Dex+ Magitech Matter ••••
Reset Platonic Exemplar Com + Magitech Prime •••
Last Testament Res + Politics Prime •••

R = Reflexive, E = Extended, C = Concentration, T = Transitory, V = Vulgar

Chimerical Representation (Matter 4?)

Conjunctional: Mind 3, optional +Prime 3 (if target item has magic powers)
Practice: Weaving
Duration: Prolonged (scene)
Effect: Instead of making a material version of an Astral item appear out of thin air this spell allows caster to empower an already-existing object so that it becomes infused with the traits of the relevant Astral item, turning into a physical 'representation' of a concept. While this makes the spell much easier to cast than other 'Chimerical' effects, it has a significant drawback in that it can't make the Representation of an Astral object from any random junk, but requires a physical item as identical in appearance to the Astral one as possible, and usually one which is already closely linked or associated with it (f.ex: using the actual lightsaber-prop from first Star Wars movie to infuse the astral version of Obi Wan's lightsaber).
Rote Pool: ??? + ??? - Sympathy to Astral Object involved


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