Magical Styles

Kjekt sted å få skrevet ned det man har funnet ut så langt, så man ikke glemmer det, og muligens få utviklet flere ting etterhvert også, eller komme med forslag der ting mangler.

Style Format

Style: [name]
Example equipment: [Various items one can use for the style]
Attribute: [1]
Arcana: [3]
Practices: [1 Initiate-level, 1 Apprentice-level, 1 Disciple-level]
Unique Benefit: [Make something up]
Description: [What, physically, is it that you do when using the style]



Initiate (•): Compelling (nudging, adjusting, minor boosts), Knowing (learning, getting information, detecting), Unveiling (expanding the capacity for what the target's senses can perceive)
Apprentice (••): Ruling (basic control, turning on/off, directing), Shielding (protecting, preserving), Veiling (hiding, disguising)
Disciple (•••): Fraying (damaging, harming), Perfecting (improving or boosting existing traits/abilities; also repairing), Weaving (changing functions, adjusting effects, but not altering what it is, its nature or form)


Så vidt jeg har fått med meg har vi funnet fram til omtrent dette:

Skadi's Style: Galdring, runes and Norse mysticism

Example equipment: Charcoal to write with on various surfaces, bowls or pools of water to look into (cauldrons?), ????
Attribute: (Intelligence or Resolve?)
Arcana: Space, Fate and (???)
Practices: Unveiling, (Shielding or Ruling?), (Fraying or Weaving?)
Unique Benefit: If the spell uses Runes to increase its duration, the spellcasting dice pool gets a +1 bonus, in addition to any other benefit received from using the Style (so the bonus can reach +3)
Description: (flesh out for yourselves)

Hermes' Style: Melodrama and Cosmic Con-Games

Example equipment: Theatrical costumes, stage makeup, marked cards, loaded dice, theatre props, table to do tricks on, contracts with fine print, counterfeit money, palmed coins
Attribute: (Wits, Manipulation or Presence?)
Arcana: Mind, Fate and (???)
Practices: Compelling, Veiling, Weaving
Unique Benefit: Gets Patterning as an additional affinity Practice
Description: Fake it 'till you make it…real

Nobel's Style: Applied Technobabble

Example equipment: PDA, equation-solving algorithms, calculators, pen and paper, black/whiteboard with graphs and schematics of the "magical" principles and effects involved, hand-held devices used to measure composition, dimensions, voltage, magnetic fields, and any other energies or fields that may be relevant.
Attribute: Intelligence
Arcana: Forces, Matter, Prime
Practices: Knowing, Ruling, Weaving
Unique Benefit: If the spell to be cast is a Mage Sight spell (or comparable Unveiling magics) and the character is spending the extra time to benefit fully from this magical style, rather than the usual options he can instead choose to use the "Science" skill when scrutinizing, instead of "Occult".
Description: If my calculations are correct…

Rui Shi's Style: Chi

Example equipment: Incense, meditation room, prayer strips, acupunture needles, diagrams of the human body and its pressure-points
Attribute: (Dexterity or Stamina?)
Arcana: Life, Spirit, Prime
Practices: (Unveiling?), Shielding, Perfecting
Unique Benefit: Gets Composure as additional affinity Attribute
Description: (flesh out for yourselves)

Dorian's Style: Americana

Example equipment:
Attribute: Presence
Arcana: Matter, (Fate? Maniest Destiny, after all), (???)
Practices: (?), Ruling, (?)
Unique Benefit: (?)
Description: (flesh out for yourselves)

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