Madame Zenori
ST - "There's a line between an
aphrodisiac and a rape drug

Paul - "And Mame Zenori is
DANCING on that line
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Cabal: The Vaudevillians
Mentor: Vryolaka
Apprentices: Zatanna, Vencman

Description: Elderly crone usually dressed in black, with her gypsy scarves and bangles and fortune-telling tarot cards. Despite the fact that she's not Roma, but Italian-American, but the tacky outfit and phony accent is enough to give the right 'mood' to her crystal ball readings and foretellings with Tarot-cards. You WILL eat and enjoy her pasta.

Info: She runs fake cults from behind the scenes, of course, cooperating closely with Gandalf when carrying out her duties as a ''Cultor'' for the local Guardian caucus. Decidedly NOT one of the "Acanthus babes". (ST note: I think she was the one who taught Hermes the merit for boosting spells with Tarot-usage).


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