Luzak Delal

Nature: Primordial demon species / dweller in the Outer Void
First Encountered: 3.2 "But Now The Dead Begin To Rise…", when one of them was summoned forth

Description: It has a wolf-ish head, except with five faceted eyes, akin to those of a fly, except shining with an ominous dark purple glow akin to malevolent radioactivity. There are no teeth, just hundreds of strange fungoid filaments stretching between the jaws, which open sideways instead of up and down. These glistening organic strands are the colour and texture of black mold, with the inside of the mouth shading towards the darker greenish black of furry, rotted flesh covered in fungus. The body is long and sinuous, not unlike a constrictor crossed with a panther, but it is covered in a cross between fur and feathers, which seems to be drenched in raw oil, making it look like a victim of a tanker accident. The body seems like it should by all rights have limbs, like it's built for them, more than the usual 4 ones even. And when it moves parts of the 'torso' bulges unpleasantly, as if an organ or similar tries to burst out of the flesh, and when it moves vigorously splinters and jagged spikes of bone do indeed erupt from these outgrowths. Though sometimes faces seem to be pressing out from the inside instead.

It moves by warping the material it clings to, slick and suction-licke, making the world creak and corrupt itself just to propel it forwards in utterly unpredictable ways, at a speed that is always surprising. The fact that it can cling to walls and ceilings with no actual effort, as if it could choose its own gravitational direction, also helps. As it approached the real world it was seen to have hideous wing-like membranes unfolded, though whether or not this was involved in its actual movement is unclear. It should be noted that it doesn't fly using air or wind, and in fact ignore such factors. It rather flies upon the cosmic winds of some alien dimension unseen by human eyes, making it seem utterly out of touch with the world it currently inhabits.

Info: It is said that in the beginning the race of demons reigned freely over the earth, but as time wore on they were all of them confined to the remote hells and distant prisons of the inferno. Yet some there were which could not so be contained, who did not obey the demonic overlords nor fell under the bindings placed upon them. They were fugitives, free from the netherworlds that kept their kin solely by the virtue of their viciousness.

So vile were their natures that they had to be cast away from this world entirely, being forever outcast, forever fugitives, bereft of meaning or purpose or identity as other demons know these concepts. Since then they've dwelt in the Outer Void, small insects among the alien gods which inhabit those reaches, banished there by the last few shamans who knew the proper rites, which were by then already considered ancient. As a species of creature much less powerful than the monsters already present in the Outer Void it is said that they were quickly subjugated and ever since have been slaves to those Lords.

Though reliable information is in short supply when it comes to the Luzak Delal (a name which is basically "Vicious Fugitive-Demons" in spirit-tongue), but what little there is indicates that they cannot enter the mortal world without being summoned, an event which has only happened two or three times in the past 10-20'000 years or so. Old carvings hint that one of these instances involved ancient Lemuria, and required a whole temple-city to be built and then buried far underground in order to imprison the creature and stop it from overwhelming the world.

The few mentions of their 'personality' remaining indicate that they feel a vicious, carnal, almost drug-like pleasure from torture and suffering, with the ability to use and construct tools allowing it to keep victims alive and conscious for impressive lengths of time.

When confronting the Dread Fellowship of Apep one of these were summoned by Layla, at which point the Eye of the Storm did learn several useful and horrifying facts about them, most importantly that they seemed utterly immune to awakened magic. Secondly they seemed to infect those they managed to harm with a mold-like fungal growth which threatened to spread through the body and take it over, turning people and corpses into insidiously infectious zombie-like monsters. That the flesh of the Luzak Delal regenerated from harm at a speed visible to the naked eye merely added another reason to fear them to an already impressive list.

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