Luna - The Spirit of the Moon

Nature: Celestine - Spirit God of planetary scope & power
Also Known As: Iduth, The Moon, Selene, Sin, Hathor, Chang'e, Artemis, among others
PURVIEWS:THE MOON, ●Purity, ●Change, ●Balance, ●Madness, ●Adapting, ●the Subconscious, ●Cycles, ●Imagination, ●Dreams, ●Unpredictability, ●Weather, ●Instinct (and more)
Servitors: Spirits of the Moon are known as "Lunes", which western mages today classify as belonging to the "Celestial" class of spirit (alongside Helions, Martians, Jovians, etc).


Signs of the Moon:

Luna exists between the hours when Helios lays down for sleep, until he arises new. She stands strong during the time when humans are instinctively afraid, when they look over their shoulders for unseen threats. This fear is rational. The night is dark, and in the absence of sight, most humans have only their imaginations to draw from. Luna is a goddess within the spirit world, but she is not a benevolent, universally loving god.




Luna causes the tides. Everyone who has ever been to a coast has felt her sway; anyone whose profession relates to the ocean feels her direct influence daily. Luna inspired men to build giant metal ships that carried them to a once-unknown body. Politicians sometimes fight over space programs with the zeal of abortion rights battles. On a full moon, nine-one-one calls increase measurably. Talk to the nurses in an emergency room and they’ll tell you why they don’t want to work on the night the crazies come out.

Every culture of humans has given at least some value to the great white goddess in the sky. Luna is called a source of faith and love, but never entirely trusted — a living Goddess of an ancient and less chaotic era but also a constant reminder that the era had to change with the cataclysmic Fall, and the rise of the Gauntlet. The Queen of the Night is imperious and distant, but she holds court over a great many lower spirits and servitors that mortals have interactions with.

Whether or not "Luna" exists as an actual entity, or whether it's more accurate to see it as the sum of all mooh-related spirits (much as many people see the entirety of the ecosystem of all earthly spirits as "gaia"), as a sort of "nation" or "establishment" instead of a personality, is difficult to determine, given the scale disparity between the power and scope of The Moon and human faculties and comprehension.


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