Author: Low-Key
Description: Appears to be an entirely blank book, but when viewed with the Völva's Vision rote the text can be easily seen and read. It contains a poetic retelling of the life and history of the norse god Loki, as well as important events in the Æsir mythic cycle as seen from his point of view. Between the stories and anecdotes the narrator, ostensibly Loki himself, muses upon the nature of freedom and the bonds which tie everything together in the same frame of reference.


Name Spell Dice pool Arcana Traits Special
Völva's Vision Sibyl's Sight Wits+Occ Fate • P Incomplete rote
Eye of the Storm Quantum Flux Wits+Occ Fate • P BF1-3
Weave of the Norns Interconnections Wits+Invest Fate • C -
Casting the Runestones Synchronicity Wits+Strtws Fate • L BF1-2
Observing Gleipnir Bonds of the Unwilling Wits+Emp Fate ••, opt. Death/Spirit •• L -
Loki's Promises Alter Oath Man+Pol-Res-Potency of Oath Fate ••• L BF2-3
Discredit Foretellings Fabricate Fortune Pres+Subt Fate ••• P -
Donning the Cloak and Hat Occlude Destiny Res+Subt Fate ••• P BF1-2
Speaking the Prisoner's Name Destroy Bindings Res+Occ Fate •••• V,L/P BF3
Niðr Sever Oaths Man+Occ Fate •••• L -
Abandoning the Quest Break the Chains Wits+Occ Fate ••••• V,L -
Removing the Divine Order Swarm of Locusts Wits+Occ Fate ••••• V -
Sigyn's Choice True Love Res+Exp Fate ••••• E,L,1,2wp -

P - Prolonged, C - Concentration, L - Lasting, V - Vulgar, E - Extended

Bonus factors
Quantum Flux: If the spell is cast during inclement weather it gets bonus Target Factors, depending on how serious the conditions are. Heavy rain is +1, while a full thunderstorm is +3. If this benefit is used, however, the spell ends when the bad weather does.
Synchronicity: Get +1 potency if casting involves the consultation of proper runestones, +2 if they were hand-made by the caster
Alter Oath: If the changes made to the pledge are explained by re-interpreting the wording and/or intent of the original promise (as judged by the ST and players involved in the process) the penalties imposed on the spellcasting are reduced by 2, or by 3 if this is plausible and well-reasoned enough that nobody can find any logical error or flaws in the argumentation.
Occlude Destiny: Actually putting on a heavy cloak or similar garment: +1 potency. also wearing a concealing broad-brimmed hat: +2
Destroy Bindings: Speaking the Real Name of the target aloud upon casting the spell: +3 potency, which can contribute towards succeeding on the spell!

Bonds of the Unwilling (Fate 2, optionally + Spirit 2, or + Death 2)
Practice: Knowing
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
This spell allows the mage to detect whether or not the bindings holding the targeted spirit or ghost were put there against its will or not. Similar to how the higher ratings of Fate allow the mage to annul or defend against the usurpation of his own free will he can at this degree identify when such means have been employed against others.

When used on a Fetish or a Memento, it indicates whether or not the spirit or ghost empowering the item was forced into it, or in game mechanics terms, whether it chose to resist the spell or not. If the binding magic didn’t allow for any form of opposition this spell can still reveal the unwillingness of the target if the potency scored equals or exceeds the dot-level of the binding

“Bonds of the Unwilling” can analyze any sort of supernatural bonds, oaths, containtments or similar strictures, according to the guidelines laid down in the Fate 4 “Unfettered Fate” sidebar in the Mage Core Rulebook, for example Guardian Spirits or Familiars.

Rote: Observing Gleipnir
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Fate

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