Concept: Eaters of knowledge, destroyers of information
Nickname: Secret Keepers
Parent Path/Order: Any (but usually Guardians of the veil)
Arcana: Mind (primary), Fate (secondary), Death 1 (prerequsite)

Info: Those of this legacy know that there are terrible secrets hidden in the world and that no matter how careful mages are to protect these secrets, they’ll get out and damage others. The only way to truly protect a secret is to destroy it. The Logophage, or Secret Keeper as she calls herself, devours knowledge to save both it and the people it would destroy, and also gains a boost of power herself in the process. Of course, other mages hate Logophages with a passion — Supernal secrets are rare and precious, and represent a chance of escape from the Fallen prison. When they are destroyed for a short-lived power boost other souls are denied this chance, so those who destroy secrets risk destruction themselves from the hands of those they claim to be protecting.


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