Pan - Aeon of Life
Life has always taken place
in a tumult without apparent cohesion,
but it only finds its grandeur and its reality
in ecstasy and in ecstatic love.
–Georges Bataille
The mystery of life
isn’t a problem to solve,
but a reality to experience.
–Reverend Mother Mohiam
Nature: Astral being
Type: Aeon
Mate: Snake, Aeon of Spirit
First Encountered: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers"





Request 1: Enable him to run faster, since it seems like he'll need it.
Boon: Pan enhanced his biological frame, from bone structure to muscle tissue to lung-capacity to the tensile strength of his sinews, in effect allowing the player to buy up the character's Racial Speed Modifer (normally 5 in adult humans) with Arcane XP this once, with the cost calculated as if it was a merit (new rating *2 axp).
Price: That he, or someone else of his caliber, will continue the work he's been doing in the ice of Greenland, at his aptly-named 'Panacea' laboratories, despite his life soon being filled with even more problems and events that he will want/need to deal with.

Request 2: Help with the aforementioned project to find a cure for the Plague-Curse.
Boon: Though the supernatural element of the Plague-Curse is sadly outside the scope of the Life arcanum, the physical organism which acts as its conduit and material manifestation IS still a form of life, and remains an integral part of the whole. To aid his work Hermes will be given a full and comprehensive understanding of this organism and all its components, far beyond the level of current modern medicine. He was warned that this this knowledge could be used in incredibly dangerous ways, which is one reason it wouldn't be granted until the price had been paid in full. If Hermes decided to use it to try and eradicate all disease & illness in the world despite this advice, he would effectively have become another problem people would be sent to take down in order to earn Pan's favor.
Price: In return he'll have to sire three children, through three mothers, preferably so that they gestate more or less simultaneously. At the exact moment the third child is conceived, the information will come to him in a blazing epiphany.

Request: To return his maximum possible lifespan to its prior duration, before so many years of life were taken from him.
Response: Much as when he asked Nidhogg, the solution seems to be to make the original event happen again but in reverse, or to find a different source of life to use as 'donor' for replenishing his own. Not surprisingly, he avoided the second option in both cases.


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